Soulsby SynthesizersOscitron Wavetable Oscillator + Uni-Five Utility

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Soulsby Oscitron

Soulsby's Oscitron is a Eurorack 8-bit wavetable oscillator. Developed out of the infamous Atmegatron's sound engine, the Oscitron brings bizarre chiptune audio to the realm of modular synths. Featuring the ability to sample incoming audio into wavetables (including a bizarre vocoder-like "continuous capture" mode), the Oscitron also features the ability to alter the wavetable resolution for dramatically different tones than its predecessor.

With a dedicated clock input, five CV inputs, 16 memory locations, and ability to host alternate firmwares, the Oscitron is a gnarly digital beast ready to infect your system. 

The Oscitron ships with the Uni-Five companion module included. Uni-Five accepts 2 bipolar +5/-5V signals and 1 unipolar 8V signal and scales them to the Oscitron's preferred input levels of 0-5V. Dedicated attenuators allow for further signal scaling, as needed.

Oscitron Features

  • 8-bit wavetable module
  • Unique wavetable PWM Synthesis audio engine.
  • Quick and intuitive controls, no complex menu systems
  • White aluminium faceplate with walnut side panels
  • Nearly all parameters controllable by CV
  • 16 preset sounds that can be overwritten with your own patches
  • Includes Uni-Five CV Scaling utility
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Soulsby Oscitron
Manually altering the Oscitron's wavetables as it and the Unifive interface with Mutable Instruments's Peaks, Frames, and Tides.
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