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SonocurrentC GF4 Group Fader + Distributor


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Sonocurrent C GF4

The C GF4 is a group fader and distributor that accepts up to four inputs and attenuates them for individual outputs, with a group level control affecting all outputs. Each input is normalized to the previous one, with inputs 2 and 4 featuring an Invert switch. This makes, for example, having two modulation sources and their inverted signal simultaneously available, expanding the possibilities of modules you already own. All outputs have their own attenuator making it easy to adjust and with nothing patched into input 1, an internal 5v source is normalized. The Group Level control attenuates all 4 outputs and the response curve can be either linear or exponential. A CV input and corresponding attenuator are present for the Group Level, as well as an additional pass-through which will output an offset with nothing patched into the CV input. For complex routing that needs some bit of cohesive control and to consolidate modulation sources in a neat package, the C GF4 from sonocurrent is a great addition.

C GF4 Features

  • 4 Input, 4 output fader/distributor module
  • Independent attenuator for each channel
  • Group Level control for attenuating the whole module
  • Cascaded normalization lets you easily distribute a single source to all ins/outs
  • Channels 2 and 4 feature invert switches
  • CV input for Group Level control with CV pass-through output
  • Switchable response curve from linear to exponential for Group Level
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 95mA @ +12V, 80mA @ -12V
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