SOMA LaboratoryLyra-8 Organismic Drone Synth (Black)

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SOMA Lyra-8

SOMA Laboratory's Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer is a mysterious and compelling self-contained instrument that infuses nonlinearity into a unique interface for the creation of drones, atmospheric sounds, rich chords, and far more. Featuring eight arbitrarily tunable oscillators, a "keyboard" of eight touch sensors, lo-fi dual delay, and a plethora of options for distortion, feedback, and general timbral mangling, the Lyra-8 is at home in noise, ambient, and any other genre that values rich, textural sounds.

Eight individual voices with independently definable waveshape and pitch can operate as independent voices or as modulators of one another, allowing for everything from smooth chords to gnarly, chaotic FM textures. Dedicated modulation sources can affect pitch and delay rate for grungy, slippery transformations. Treat it like a chord generator, an FM madhouse, or a pure grime machine with loads of feedback and distortion potential. Each voice pair's envelope time is switchable between fast and slow ranges, interacting with the user's touch to for dynamic, nuanced playing. Or alternatively, crank up the "hold" level for straight-up droning action.

The internal effect section can process external signals, and dedicated CV inputs can control pitch and delay time. An external gate input allows for gating of the "hold" function.

Perfect for noise enthusiasts and performing musicians who want to add characterful texture to their sound, the Lyra-8 is an instrument all its own, embracing nonlinearity, chaos, and an intimate performer-instrument relationship to craft sounds nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

Lyra-8 Features

  • Eight-voice analog synth that excels at drones, noise, textural sound, and more
  • Eight touch sensor "keys" for expressive, dynamic playing interface
  • Eight arbitrarily tunable oscillators (one per key)
  • Complex waveshaping and FM opportunities for rich sounds
  • Eight vibrato generators onboard (one for each voice)
  • Switchable envelope response (fast or slow)
  • "Hold" option for droning oscillators
  • Hyper LFO complex modulation source
  • Dual modulatable lo-fi delay
  • Built-in distortion and feedback options
  • CV inputs for voice pitch, delay time, and "hold" gate
  • Can process external sounds through effects section
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  • 2V max output voltage
  • TS or TRS 1/4" output
  • Ext. in via TS 1/4" input
  • Hold gate expects +5V gate
  • Delay CV input expects 0-5V signal
  • CV Voices input expects 0-5V signal
  • PSU: US 12V, 200mA center positive supply included
  • Dimensions: 266 x 266 x 62mm
  • Weight: 2kg
Product Demo Videos
Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer With Volca Kick
The Lyra-8 is an eight voice synthesizer with touch control pads for each voice and complex FM routing options. It has a great sounding dual delay and distortion built in, which the synth runs through as well as being able to input external gear, like the Volca Kick in this video.
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