SOMA LaboratoryDVINA Electro-Acoustic Stringed Instrument


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DVINA finishes may vary from batch to batch, contact us for more information.

SOMA Laboratory DVINA

From the minds at SOMA Laboratory, DVINA is a two-stringed amplified chordophone inspired by Hindustani and Persian string instruments. The first electroacoustic instrument from SOMA, DVINA is designed with all the charm and expressive potential of their other devices, despite its comparative simplicity. Whether plucked, strummed, or bowed, DVINA delivers incredibly clear audio from its proprietary amplification system, connecting beautifully with effect pedals, amplifiers, or simply recorded directly into an audio interface.

The magic behind DVINA's crystal-clear audio is the implementation of a strong neodymium magnet hidden in the instrument's neck. Rather than using a simple contact mic or standard electromagnetic guitar pick-up, the vibration of the strings is directly transduced by the magnet, and then fed to a custom transformer amplifier. This makes the audio signal particularly resistant to electromagnetic interference and noise, for an output that is crystal clear and tonally rich. With such a clean output, the DVINA is perfect for running through multiple gain stages, effect pedals, and other tone-shaping devices.

As with all SOMA instruments, the potential of DVINA is best realized through interaction and improvisational play — turning its relatively straightforward sounding mechanism into an expansive arena for gestural expression. Rarely in the world of electronic instruments emerges a device so clearly intended to grow with you as your ability and relationship with the instrument deepens. Rather than daring you to grow into and up to an expansive feature set, DVINA encourages your creativity, imagination, and the development of a personal performance practice.

Note: due to the small batch manufacturing nature of DVINA, we are unable to guarantee consistent finishes between shipments. See our listing images for examples of what these instruments might look like from batch to batch. While we might not know what our next DVINAs will look like until they are imminently en route to our warehouse, feel free to contact us for any information that we might have!

DVINA Features

  • Two-stringed electroacoustic instrument
  • Crystal clear audio from custom magnet and amplifier system
  • Output level perfect for interfacing with effects, amplifiers, and recording equipment
  • Locking strap system included for wearable performance
  • Smaller support bar detaches for convenient storage and travel
  • Finishes vary from batch to batch
  • Includes reinforced soft tube case and storage bag for safe transport
  • Comes with two cello strings installed
  • Bow not included
  • Length: 93cm, 36.62"
  • Scale length: 51cm, 20.08"
  • Tuning: C# G#
  • Weight: 1.1kg, 2.43 lbs
  • Weight in case: 3.5kg, 7.72 lbs
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DVINA (SOMA laboratory) Demo.
SOMA DVINA as a Eurorack controller
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