SNDACME-4 Advanced Clock Management Engine


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SND ACME-4 Advanced Clock Management Engine

The ACME-4, from SND, is an Advanced Clock Management Engine (ACME) that provides extremely stable analog and MIDI clock for optimal synchronization. The unit emits four separate clock streams, each of which can be edited individually. A single master clock assumes control in all configurations, a decision which drastically improves synchronization when multiple devices are in play.

Delving deeper, all of the ACME-4’s streams feature editable swing, fine and coarse time-shifting, among other tempo shifting and stream activating functions. Even better, all of these controls can be governed using MIDI, an included software editor, of manually via its intuitive front panel interface.


  • Generates a 100% jitter-free MIDI master clock
  • Derives a highly accurate MIDI clock from any audio recording system
  • Analog 16th-note triggers can also be used as clock source
  • Generates 4 separate clock streams with individual MIDI out; two streams also generate 24-ppq signals (“Roland sync”), while the others generate clock and reset signals for analog sequencers and arpeggiators
  • Each clock stream can be time-shifted in relation to the master clock, in extremely small increments as well as in 16th-note steps
  • Each clock stream can be set to double or half tempo, and can be turned on and off without losing synchronicity
  • Individual swing & shuffle for each clock stream
  • All functions have dedicated hardware control
  • Complete settings of all controls can be stored and recalled
  • All parameters can be remote controlled via MIDI
  • Size: 217 mm (width) x 160 mm (depth) x 68 mm (height)
  • Powered by USB or external USB-b supply
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