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Snazzy FXKick_me Drum Module


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Snazzy FX Kick_me

More than just a vaguely masochistic command, Kick_Me is an entirely new take on drum synthesis. Not based on any previous XOX product, this module can provide minimalisic sounds that speak to the annals of tradition or it can be used to create fiendishly innovative percussion sounds unlike anything the world has ever heard.

Kick_me Features

  • 2 kick channels connected to a single trigger input
  • Kick drum A comprises a plethora of styles
  • Kick drum B has a delay control and is ideal for sub bass
  • Linear CV input for pitch fx
  • Clipper switch for ultra nastiness
  • Does everything from minimal and traditional to in-your-face and nasty
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Current Draw: 10mA@+12v
Product Demo Videos
54HP Episode 8: iPad Acid Composer
Episode 8 of 54HP includes something a little different, an iPad controlled case with drums and bass-line, the “iPad Acid Composer.” The Quicco Sound Mi.1e module connects over bluetooth to an iPad running a free app that has sequencers, clocks, LFOs and sliders that can output control voltages. The drums are made with the Snazzy FX Kick_me, ALM Dinky’s Taiko and Bastl Skis and Noise Square. The Synth sound is made with an Intellijel Dixie II+ oscillator, and LXD for VCA, and the Eternal Spring Filter as the wild and squelchy acid filter.
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