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Snazzy FXEternal Spring Acidic Filter


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Snazzy FX Eternal Spring

When it comes to filtering, Eternal Spring is about unique as it gets. Rather than filtering a sound in line with more traditional methods, the module can sound like a wavefolder when modulated with a slow LFO, impart distinct grit at lower settings, and get extra sassy when pushed to higher settings. It is ideal for leads, basslines, and drone progressions.

Eternal Spring Features

  • Playable Q knob
  • Drive control for saturation and harmonic influx
  • Multiple gain stages along the circuit
  • CV input with depth control
  • FM input with inverted response
  • Capable of self-oscillation
  • Configurable as a wavefolder
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Current Draw: 11mA@+12v; 11mA@-12v
Product Demo Videos
54HP Episode 8: iPad Acid Composer
Episode 8 of 54HP includes something a little different, an iPad controlled case with drums and bass-line, the “iPad Acid Composer.” The Quicco Sound Mi.1e module connects over bluetooth to an iPad running a free app that has sequencers, clocks, LFOs and sliders that can output control voltages. The drums are made with the Snazzy FX Kick_me, ALM Dinky’s Taiko and Bastl Skis and Noise Square. The Synth sound is made with an Intellijel Dixie II+ oscillator, and LXD for VCA, and the Eternal Spring Filter as the wild and squelchy acid filter.
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