Buying Guide: Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cases

Choosing the Modular Case That's Right for You

Vaibhav Batra · 11/08/23

Eurorack cases might not be as sexy as the hottest delay modules or function generators on the market. But picking the right Eurorack case can save you a lot of hassle (and money) in the long run. There are quite a few reliable options in the market. In this buying guide, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite Eurorack cases out there.

Of course, choosing the right case for you depends in part on having a solid understanding of the various technicalities associated with Eurorack cases themselves, as well as their power supplies. Worry not—if you need a refresher on how to make informed decisions based on the technical specs of cases or PSUs, you can refer to two specific Signal articles for more information: Eurorack Modular Case Basics and Eurorack Modular Power Basics.

That in mind, we have divided this list into sections, specifically focused on Affordable Cases, Compact Cases, Studio Cases, Portable Cases, and Special Mentions. You can jump to a section based on your primary factor(s) for deciding on a Eurorack case.

Affordable Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cases

Looking for small Eurorack cases to accompany your main setup? Or maybe you are just starting out and don’t want to shell out too much, yet. In either case, here is a selection of the most affordable Eruorack cases out there.

Cre8Audio niftyCase

Cre8audio’s niftyCase is a sturdy case with enough room to get your Eurorack dreams going. The case comes with a built-in audio output and an integrated MIDI to CV converter. That means you don’t have to make room for line-level output modules, or MIDI conversion modules. You have the entire 84Hp for your oscillators, filters, envelope generators, effects, and whatever else suits your musical vision.

The case can power up to 10 modules. And at 55mm depth, it is deep enough to accommodate most modules. But be mindful of what you are ordering for the rack—some modules may require more depth.

Easy to pair with your MIDI sequencers, keyboard MIDI controllers, mixers, and recording devices, niftyCase is one of the most compelling, truly affordable, plug-and-play options out there.

Key Features:

  • Powered case
  • 84 HP (3U) - one row of 84HP
  • Power connectors: 10
  • Depth: 55 mm
  • Power: +12V (1,500mA); -12V (500mA); +5V (500mA)
  • Built-in audio output
  • Built-in MIDI to CV converter
  • Great for: Small studios, ancillary setup to your main gear

TipTop Audio Happy Ending Kit

If you are looking for a Eurorack case specifically for studio use, TipTop Audio’s Happy Ending Kit could be an option worth exploring. This easy-to-assemble kit has an 84HP, 3U frame that you can easily fit in any 19-inch rack. Or, you could always set up the barebones frame on your desktop. The kit includes the uZeus power module, which will take up 4HP of space on the rack.

The 2 flying bus boards give you a total of 10 power connector headers. And the Happy Ending Kit comes with a 1000mA power adapter, so you can get started with your modular experiments. There is enough room in this barebone frame for a simple modular setup, great for getting started on your modular journey or for adding an extra row to a rack in your studio.

Key Features:

  • 84HP (3U) - one row of 84HP
  • Comes with uZeus power supply
  • 2 ribbon bus boards
  • Power connectors: 10
  • Includes Z-rails and Z-ears
  • uZeus can supply +-12V and +5V
  • Available in black and silver finishes
  • Great for: Studio use

Make Noise Skiff

With its powder-coated aluminum finish and flat design, the Make Noise Powered Skiff is one of the sleekest Eurorack cases on the market. The sturdy but lightweight case comes with built-in power and a universal power adapter.

The power bus can supply juice for up to 10 modules. There are sliding nuts and M2.5 screws included with the case so you can start to install your modules right away.

Key Features:

  • Powered case
  • 104HP (3U) - one row of 104HP
  • Depth: 50mm to 63.5mm
  • Power connectors: 10
  • Power: +12V (1200mA); -12V (1000mA); +5V (1000mA)
  • Great for: Small Eurorack setups, an ancillary case to your main setup, live performances

Compact Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cases

Strapped for space in your studio? Or maybe you just want to build a control rack for your main Eurorack case? Compact Eurorack cases are ideal when you want to build really small cases for your studio or live performances.

Pod Series by 4MS

Why would you want a 20HP case? Or, for that matter, a 64HP case? Imagine you need a control pod for your Eurorack system that you want to keep separate from your main jungle of wires. It could just be a control system with a gate and CV sequencer. Maybe you want to add a small complement of modules to your self-contained semi-modular synthesizers…or maybe you want to build a custom effects unit for your guitar playing without breaking the bank.

In any of those cases (or similar scenarios), the Pod series by 4MS could be a worthy case option. The series has many members, in two specific subseries:

Original Series: The original series of 4MS Pods included 20HP, 26HP, 32HP, and 60HP variants, available both powered and unpowered. Each of these have 34mm maximum internal depth, which can be a bit too slim for deeper modules. Powered versions come with two power headers, except for the 60HP version, which features four internal power headers.

X Series: The X series adds three more size options to the total lineup: namely 34X, 40X, 48X, and 64X. Once again, these are available in both powered and unpowered options—and, notably, the X Series pods have a depth of 53mm, which is significantly more than the original models.

The limited number of power headers in the pods can curtail your choices. One way to offset that limitation is to buy unpowered cases and a power supply, such as Row Power by 4MS. Alternatively, you can purchase a multi Eurorack power cable, which can be used to expand the number of available power headers in the powered 4MS Pod cases.

You can daisy-chain two or more Pods using a barrel cable, within the power limitations, of course. Thus, if you already have a powered Pod, you can expand your collection with additional powered Pods and daisy-chain them together using only a single power brick.

Key Features:

  • Powered and unpowered variants
  • Various sizes (20 HP to 64HP)
  • Single-row (3U) cases
  • Aluminum finish
  • The Original Series has internal depth of 34mm—super slim, but will not work for all modules
  • X Series has a depth of 53mm
  • Great for: Travelling, expanding your current setup with just one or two modules, budget buying

Palette Series by Intellijel

The Palette Series by Intellijel hits the sweet spot between compact and powerful. The cases in the series are small enough to comfortably sit on your desktop or be carried to your next outdoor jam. Yet, they give you enough space to build focused but very powerful Eurorack systems. The Palette series has two case sizes, both 4U. You get a standard 3U row and a 1U row for your utilities, such as small mixers, attenuators, I/O modules, and more.

The Palette series has done everything to maximize the available space for your modules. For example, the rear-mounted power supply allows more depth, which opens up the choices in modules for you. Similarly, the cases come with built-in buffered mults, so you don’t have to buy dedicated modules for those functionalities. They also offer integrated jacks for audio and MIDI I/O, though to take full advantage of these, you need to purchase the corresponding modules to do the job (typically MIDI 1U, Stereo Line In 1U, and Stereo Line Out 1U).

62HP Palette:

  • 2 built-in buffered mults, which can be chained together
  • 2 built-in audio jacks, which can be used as inputs or outputs when paired with the aforementioned Stereo Line In 1U or Stereo Line Out 1U (sold separately)
  • DIN MIDI and USB MIDI inputs—designed to connect to the aforementioned MIDI 1U module (sold separately)
  • Can power up to 12 modules

104HP Palette

  • 3 built-in buffered mults, which can be chained together
  • DIN MIDI and USB MIDI inputs—designed to connect to the aforementioned MIDI 1U module (sold separately)
  • A MIDI output
  • 4 built-in audio jacks, which can be used as inputs or outputs when paired with the aforementioned Stereo Line In 1U or Stereo Line Out 1U (sold separately)
  • 2 built-in summing modules. Can sum audio as well as CV
  • Can power up to 24 modules

Palette Series Key Features:

  • Powered cases
  • 4U cases (3U + 1U)
  • 62HP and 104HP sizes
  • Depth: 45.5mm
  • Power connectors: 12 in 62HP
  • Power connectors: 24 in 104HP
  • Built-in MIDI and audio jacks
  • Built-in buffered mults
  • Power: For 62HP – +-12V (1200mA); +5V (500mA)
  • Power: For 104HP – +-12V (1500mA); +5V (500mA)
  • Great for: Building feature-rich but compact systems, live performance systems

Blackhole Cases

If you are looking for a compact travel case for your live performances, Blackhole Eurorack cases might be the right fit for you. Made from birch wood, these are sturdy cases that come with a lid. You can close the lid easily with the patch cables still in. Have your patch ready overnight, simply show up to your live gig and start playing. You don’t need to dismantle your entire patch every time you are traveling with the case.

There are powered and unpowered Blackhole cases available in various sizes. The 7U racks offer a 1U row in Intellijel format. The 1U row comes in pretty handy for saving space. You can use it for mixers, mults, attenuators, effects, and anything in the growing list of Intellijel 1U format modules.

Blackhole Cases makes cases at 60HP, 84HP, and 104HP width—though at this time, Perfect Circuit carries only their 60HP cases. Available as the SIX_60 6U case or SEVEN_60 7U case, they're a great way to create a small, completely self-contined portable modular setup.

Key Features:

  • Powered and unpowered variants
  • 50HP, 60HP, 84HP, and 104HP sizes—60HP powered versions available from Perfect Circuit
  • 6U and 7U variants
  • Made from wood
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Removable lid
  • Maximum depth: 63.5mm
  • Power: +12V (2000mA); -12V (1200mA); +5V (1500mA)
  • Great for: Travelling, building live performance system

Erica Synths Pico Case

Another notable contender in compact Eurorack cases is Erica Synths Pico Case. The aluminum case is lightweight yet sturdy.

The built-in power has 14 connector headers, which means you can fit up to 14 modules in this case. With a single row of 42HP, there is enough space to build a really focused small system. You can maximize the space by opting for Pico series modules, which have a very small HP footprint. Of course, the case is compatible with modules from other brands, too.

Key Features:

  • Powered case
  • 42HP (3U) - one row of 42HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Power connectors: 14
  • Power: +-12V (1250mA)
  • Great for: Small performance systems, augmentations to a larger setup

Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cases for the Studio

Sometimes, going small isn't the right move. In this section, we're looking at some of the larger cases we carry: suitable housings for serious studio installations and large Eurorack rigs.

Pittsburgh Structure Series

The Structure Series by Pittsburgh has monster-sized cases meant for modular-centric studios. Think entire walls of modular systems. Built from wood, these sturdy cases come with a built-in, dual power configuration. The dual power configuration makes sure you have enough juice to power all your modules. The three power rails — + 12V, -12V, and +5V — all come with overload and short-circuit protection.

The cases also feature a Hiccup mode for the power supply. When the circuit senses an overload, the circuit controller shuts off the power supply for a pre-determined time before switching it back on. That’s another layer of protection so your modules are safe from any unexpected voltage spikes.

The cases in this series have a maximum depth of 115mm, which means you will be able to install basically any Eurorack module out there without worrying about module depth. The series has several distinct models: the EP-270, Structure 372 (available in multiple colors), EP-420, 744 (available in multiple colors), and the EP-360. See below for an overview of each of these options.

Structure EP-270:

  • Size: 90HP (9U) - 3 rows of 90HP each
  • Total available HP: 270HP
  • Power connectors: 40
  • Power: +12V (5000mA); -12V (5000mA); +5V (2000mA)

Structure 372:

  • Size: 124HP (9U) - 3 rows of 124HP each
  • Total available HP: 372HP
  • Power connectors: 60
  • Power: +12V (5000mA); -12V (5000mA); +5V (3000mA)

Structure EP-420:

  • Size: 140HP (9U) - 3 rows of 140HP each
  • Total available HP: 420HP
  • Power connectors: 60
  • Power: +12V (5000mA); -12V (5000mA); +5V (5000mA)

Structure 744 (The Biggest Rack in the Series):

  • Size: 124HP (18U) - 6 rows of 124HP each
  • Total available HP: 744HP
  • Power connectors: 120
  • Power: +12V (10,000mA); -12V (10,000mA); +5V (6000mA)

Structure 360 Travel Case

If you want the power reliability of the Structure Series for the road, consider the Structure EP-360, one of the smallest (but still enormous) cases in the series. Much like the Studio cases, these feature EMI filters for protection and low noise output. There is overload protection, short-circuit protection, and Hiccup mode for auto-recovery.

These cases come with a removable lid. The lid has enough depth that you can close the case with your patch still intact, which makes these cases easy to travel with.

  • Size: 120HP (9U) - 3 rows of 120HP each
  • Total available HP: 360HP
  • Power connectors: 60
  • Power: +12V (5000mA); -12V (5000mA); +5V (2000mA)

Structure Series Key Features:

  • Powered cases
  • Various sizes
  • Aluminum and hardwood finish
  • Depth: 48mm to 115mm
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Hiccup mode
  • 16-pin power connectors
  • Great for: Detailed modular systems

Doepfer Low-Cost Cases

Unlike the monster-sized studio cases by Pittsburgh, Doepfer Low-Cost cases are meant for budget studios. Built from wood, they are small, powered cases that can easily fit on your desktop. Each is available in two versions: an unfinished raw wood (great for keeping it simple or for applying your own finish, as desired), or wood with black finish applied at the factory.

The various sizes available in this Doepfer series are:

A-100 LC1:

  • 48HP (3U) - one row of 48HP
  • Maximum depth: 45mm
  • Power connectors: 7
  • Power: +12V (380mA); -12V (380mA); +5V (100mA)
  • Uses simple power supply with external IEC connection
  • Available here

A-100 LC3:

  • 84HP (3U) - one row of 84HP
  • Maximum depth: 110mm
  • Power connectors: 14
  • Power: +12V (1200mA); -12V (1200mA); +5V (not available)
  • Uses power supply from the A-100 DIY case—uses an external power brick
  • Available here

A-100 LC6:

  • 84HP (6U) - two rows of 84HP each
  • Maximum depth: 110mm
  • Power connectors: 28
  • Power: +12V (2000mA); -12V (1200mA); +5V (4000mA)
  • Uses the much-loved Doepfer PSU3 linear power supply
  • Available here

A-100 LC9:

  • 84HP (9U) - three rows of 84HP each
  • Maximum depth: 110mm
  • Power connectors: 42
  • Power: +12V (2000mA); -12V (1200mA); +5V (4000mA)
  • Uses the much-loved Doepfer PSU3 linear power supply
  • Available here

A-100 LCB:

Meant as a base for other cases in the Low-Cost series, the Doepfer A-100LCBV can also be used as a standalone unit. The case has a horizontal row and an inclined row, both giving 84HP of space, each.

  • 84HP (6U) - two rows of 84HP each
  • Front row depth: 70mm
  • Top row depth: 110mm
  • Power: +12V (2000mA); -12V (1200mA); +5V (4000mA)
  • Uses the much-loved Doepfer PSU3 linear power supply
  • Available here

Doepfer Low Cost Case Series Key Features:

  • Powered cases
  • 48HP and 84HP (3U, 6U, 9U)
  • Made from wood
  • Available unfinished or with black finish
  • Great for: Budget modular setups, small modular systems, expandable/stackable growing case systems

Doepfer Monster Cases

As the name suggests, Doepfer Monster Cases are big cases meant for walls of modular systems. Available in three different size configurations, these are powered cases constructed from wood for sturdiness. You can mount several of these cases on top of one another by way of special connectors, which are sold separately.

he different sizes available in the Doepfer Monster Series are:

A-100 PMS6:

  • 168HP (6U) - two rows of 168HP each
  • Depth: 70mm - 100mm
  • Power connectors: 4 power buses with 14 connectors each
  • Power: +12V (4000mA); -12V (2400mA); +5V (8000mA)
  • Power system based on multiple of the much-loved Doepfer PSU3 linear power supplies
  • Available here

A-100 PMS9:

  • 168HP (9U) - three rows of 168HP each
  • Depth: 70mm - 100mm
  • Power connectors: 6 power buses with 14 connectors each
  • Power: +12V (4000mA); -12V (2400mA); +5V (8000mA)
  • Power system based on multiple of the much-loved Doepfer PSU3 linear power supplies
  • Available here

A-100 PMS12:

  • 168HP (12U) - four rows of 168HP each
  • Depth: 70mm - 100mm
  • Power connectors: 8 power buses with 14 connectors each
  • Power: +12V (8000mA); -12V (4800mA); +5V (16000mA)
  • Power system based on multiple of the much-loved Doepfer PSU3 linear power supplies
  • Available here

A-100 PMB:

Meant as a base frame for other cases in the series, the A-100PMB can also be used as a standalone unit. It has a horizontal row and an angled row, both with 168HP of space.

  • 168HP (6U) - two rows of 168HP each
  • Front row depth: 70mm
  • Top row depth: 90mm
  • Power: +12V (4000mA); -12V (2400mA); +5V (8000mA)
  • Power system based on multiple of the much-loved Doepfer PSU3 linear power supplies
  • Available here

Doepfer Monster Case Series Key Features:

  • Powered cases
  • 168HP (6U, 9U, and 12U)
  • Made from wood
  • Great for: Detailed modular systems, entire walls of modular systems

Portable Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cases

Portable Eurorack cases are small enough to carry around and even fit as carry-on luggage on flights. But they have enough room to build a live performance system. Here are our top picks among portable Eurorack cases out there.

Make Noise 4-Zone CV Bus Case

Make Noise recently introduced their 4-Zone CV Bus Case—a revision of their prior 7U CV Bus case with a modified CV bus and significantly upgraded power supply.

Lighter than wooden cases, Make Noise 7U case is made for the traveling modular synth artist. The 1U row features a CV bus with visual feedback for up to 4 signals. The visual feedback gives you information on the polarity, rate, and amplitude of the signals, and acts as a set of four distributed signal multiples. The integrated CV bus is great for making an easily accessible control center for your live patch. For example, you could use it for your master clock coupled with a clock divider to drive your gates.

The case has a master volume control, a line driver for converting modular signals to line level and headphone outputs, and a simple "voltage math" section for simple voltage processing.

The new 4-zone hybrid linear/switching power design is specifically intended to minimize the influence of noise-prone modules on your system—and indeed, with strategic uses of the individual power zones, you have an immense degree of control of noise isolation. Add to that a well-sealed lid with plenty of depth for keeping your patches intact, a locking power connector, and a form factor that suits most airline carry-on requirements, and you have one of the best cases on the market.

Key Features:

  • 104HP (7U) - Two rows of 104HP and 1U row of 104HP
  • Maximum module depth: 2.5"
  • Integrated CV bus with signal indication and voltage math section
  • Made from lightweight metal
  • Built-in audio output section
  • Power connectors: 18
  • Power: +12V (4000mA); -12V (2400mA); +5V (1000mA)
  • 4-zone PSU design for maximum noise isolation
  • Great for: Live performance system, outdoor jams

Intellijel 7U Performance Case

Sleek and lightweight, the Intellijel 7U Performance Case is, arguably, one of the most popular Eurorack cases in the modular world. The case comes in two variants: 84HP and 104HP, both with two 3U rows and a 1U row for your utilities. Retractable feet allow you to tilt the case at two different angles for easier access during live performances. Or, you can always lay the case flat on your desk, too.

There are four built-in audio jacks, which can be used as inputs or outputs. You can integrate external gear into your rack easily, which can be very powerful. The Intellijel Performance Case also features a USB port, MIDI input and output, and a MIDI Thru port for integrating your MIDI controllers and sequencers. (As before, you'll need Intellijel's MIDI 1U module to take advantage of these connections.)

If you run out of space on your live performance system, you can stack two of these cases together with the help of convenient case joiners, which are sold separately.

Key Features:

  • 84HP and 104HP sizes (7U) - two 3U rows and 1 1U row in 84HP or 104HP
  • Retractable feet
  • Four audio jacks that can be used as input or output
  • MIDI input and output jacks
  • Removable lid
  • Power connectors: 20 in 84HP and 28 in 104HP
  • Power: +12V (3000mA); -12V (3000mA); +5V (1500mA)
  • Great for: Small performance systems

Doepfer Travel Cases

Doepfer’s A-100 series cases, described extensively above, are some of the most popular cases around—after all, they're the cases that started it all. Two of the most popular options—the A-100 P6 and A-100 P9—are Doepfer's offerings to the musician on the go.

Each case makes use of a single A-100 PSU3 linear power supply, one of the best-loved PSUs on the market. They offer plenty of internal depth, and plenty of cable space when the lid is closed—making it easy to transport your system. Functionally, the only difference between the two models is the number of rows and number of busboards installed (two 3U rows for A-100 P6 and three rows for A-100 P9).

And, as with the Low Cost and Monster Case series, you can also buy the A-100 PB, a "base" case on which the 6U or 9U cases can be stacked.

Key Features:

  • 6U, 9U, and 6U Base models available
  • Wood and aluminum finish
  • Removable lid
  • Depth: 70mm - 100mm
  • Power: +12V (2000mA); -12V (1200mA); +5V (4000mA)
  • Great for: Small performance systems, studio installations

Special Mentions

These are ingenious Eurorack cases that deserve a section of their own.

Cre8audio NiftyKeyz

Ever dreamt of a Eurorack case with a full-featured keyboard? NiftyKeyz is your answer. The case part of it has one 3U row with 112HP of space. There are built-in jack outputs with attenuators. And a dedicated headphone output alongside two mini-jack outputs, which means integrating external devices is a breeze with this. The case also has two built-in mults so you can use the entire 112HP for more fun modules.

There are MIDI inputs for your external MIDI devices. But NiftyKeyz can function as a MIDI controller, too, much like the popular Beatstep Pro.

And that’s just the beginning of what all the 49-key keyboard can do. There is a built-in clock divider, a MOD wheel that can double up as an LFO, an expression pedal input, AfterTouch, Autochord functionality, and so much more. You can even split the keyboard into two or more zones. Coupled with its 4 CV/gate outputs, you can play the keyboard as a monosynth, a duophonic synth with 2 voices, or even a 4-voice polyphonic synth.

Key Features:

  • Powered case
  • Eurorack case with keyboard
  • 112HP (3U) - One row of 112HP
  • 49-key keyboard
  • CV and gate outputs
  • Built-in audio outputs
  • Built-in mults
  • MIDI Din and USB MIDI inputs
  • Power connectors: 14
  • Power: +12V (1500mA); -12V (1000mA); +5V (1000mA)
  • Great for: Keyboard-controlled modular rack

Befaco 7U case

Built from aluminum, the Befaco 7U powered Eurorack case is a lightweight case that can power up to 36 modules.

It features an Intellijel-compatible 1U row for your utilities. And you can shift the 1U row to the center of the case easily—so, you can keep your 1U row in the middle or on the upper edge of the case. The 6 built-in audio jacks can be used as inputs or outputs, which means integrating external gear with your modular rack becomes extremely easy. And there are MIDI input, output, and Thru ports for bringing in your external MIDI devices—but again, as with Intellijel cases, you'll need to add some extra 1U modules to take advantage of the audio I/O and MIDI I/O functions.

This case inclues a plastic cover and velcro belt for transporting your system, and the case itself is Vesa-compatible—making it easy to mount on any Vesa-compatible hardware. That's pretty rad.

Key Features:

  • 104HP (7U) - Two rows of 3U and 1 row of 1U
  • Powered case
  • Aluminum frame
  • Removable lid/cover included
  • MIDI input and output
  • USB Type A and Type B ports
  • 6 audio jacks that are configurable
  • Depth: 53mm to 70mm
  • Power connectors: 36
  • Power: +12V (5000mA); -12V (2500mA); +5V (4000mA)
  • Great for: Outdoor gigs, compact performance systems

TipTop Audio Mantis

At just 3kgs, TipTop's Mantis is the most lightweight Eurorack case out there at its size—given this and its robust power solution, it's a long-standing favorite for modular newcomers and veterans alike. When considered on an HP-per-dollar or amperage-per-dollar scale, it well may be the best value on the market.

The sleek case has adjustable legs that you can position at three different angles. The powered case comes with the ever-reliable Zeus power supply that can supply enough juice for up to 24 modules. The case features keyed power connectors so your modules are protected against accidental wrong installations.

There is a plastic Decksaver cover available, as well as a travel bag and studio brackets for stacking multiple cases. Whether used in the studio or on the road, this is one of the most reliable, trusted, and downright affordable case options available.

Key Features:

  • Powered case
  • 104HP (6U) - two rows of 104HP each
  • Adjustable legs
  • Depth: 50mm maximum
  • Zeus power supply
  • Power connectors: 24
  • Power: +12V (3000mA); -12V (1100mA); +5V (300mA)
  • Great for: Traveling artists, compact live performance systems

How to Choose the Right Eurorack Case?

Your present and future needs should dictate your choice of Eurorack case. For example, if you are just starting, investing in Pittsburgh Structure Series or Doepfer Monster Cases does not make sense. But you need enough room to accommodate modules as your setup grows. A 6U 104HP or 84HP case is, in many cases, a good starting point.

Here again, see if you will be traveling with the rack a lot. If that’s the case, pick something lightweight and built for traveling, such as TipTop Mantis. If you are planning to use your rack mostly in the studio, something from the Intellijel Palette Series can be a good buy.

Likewise, if you have been in the rabbit hole of modular systems and are looking to expand, Doepfer Monster Cases might be the way to go.

Before you buy a Eurorack case, think about your primary use case, how likely you are to expand in the next 2 years, and your primary goal with a modular setup.

Check out Perfect Circuit's full selection of Eurorack modular synthesizer cases here!