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SequentialProphet-5 Desktop Module Analog Synthesizer

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Sequential Prophet-5 Desktop Module

Packing one of the most iconic synthesizers into a compact form factor is no easy task, but that's precisely what Sequential has done with the Prophet-5 Desktop module. The legendary sound heard back in the golden age of analog polysynths is back and better than ever. Internally, much of the circuitry remains the same, starting with the same two Doug Curtis 3340 oscillators per voice. Each offers selectable waveforms and pulse width modulation, and the addition of white noise and hard-sync provide a wealth of analog sound possibilities.

Newly developed for the revived Prophet, Dave Rossum's classic filter returns in the form of the SSI2140 IC, running alongside the classic Curtis CEM3320. Both of these filters were used in different revisions of the original, but now both are present together to provide your favorite flavor of Prophet-5. Speaking of the various revisions, the new Prophet-5 offers a unique Vintage knob, running the full spectrum from a modern and tightly-controlled on the left, morphing into a loose and much more temperamental instrument reminiscent of vintage polysynths on the right. This is not only affecting the pitch stability of the oscillators, but all the envelope generators and other control parameters. And because this is all controlled by a single knob, it's easy to dial this in as intense or subtle as you'd like.

For modulation, the Prophet-5 boasts two four-stage envelope generators, offering ADSR control over both filter cutoff and amplitude independently of each other. Like the oscillators, the LFO offers selectable waveforms, and can be routed to several destinations via the Poly-Mod section or dialed in with a mod wheel via your connected keyboard controller. Around back, you can also plug in your favorite expression pedals for further control of the volume and filter. There's also control voltage inputs and outputs, so even the desktop Prophet-5 can convert MIDI into CV for your modular system, or patch in your favorite sequencer to control one voice of the Prophet-5.

The Vintage knob was not the only improvement added to the new Prophet-5. MIDI in the form of traditional 5-pin DIN ports, as well as USB, are present to make this instrument seamlessly drop into any studio. With the addition of MIDI, modulation of a few key parameters through velocity and aftertouch is also available, for new expressive ways to interact with this classic sound.

Promising to add legendary character to any studio that already has a favorite keyboard, or where space is at a premium, the Prophet-5 desktop is a thoroughly classic instrument born again for the modern day.

Prophet-5 Desktop Module Features

  • Desktop-format Sequential Prophet-5 Rev4
  • Reintroduction of the classic Prophet-5 in an unprecedented form factor
  • Features identical control layout to keyboard-format version, with re-sized controls
  • Excellent choice for small or desktop-based studios
  • Two multi-waveform oscillators per voice
  • Resonant analog lowpass filter with switchable Rev1/2 and Rev 3 filter type
  • Vintage knob adds continuously variable instability, great for recreating the behavior of temperamental vintage instruments
  • Switchable velocity and aftertouch control
  • MIDI via 5-pin DIN and USB
  • CV & Gate inputs and outputs for easy connection to modular synthesizers
  • Steel chassis with black walnut heartwood trim
  • Full Specs TBD
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