SenselVideo Editing Overlay for Morph

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Purchase the Video Editing Overlay with the Sensel Morph and receive $35 off of your total order—that's right, buy the Morph itself and get the Video Editing Overlay for free! Simply add both to your cart for the discount to apply.

Sensel Video Editing Overlay

The Video Editing overlay for the Sensel Morph provides a means of easily interfacing with professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Simply attach this silicone overlay to the Morph's touch surface and it instantly transforms into a powerful, specialized keyboard with countless niceties for video editing control.

Sensel's Morph is a highly sensitive, multitouch surface designed for use in high-stakes environments such as musical performance, gaming, and more. By simply attaching this overlay to the Morph, it instantaneously becomes a powerful editor for Adobe Premiere—but it can, of course, be customized to suit other environments via the Sensel App.

Video Editing Overlay Features

  • Video editing overlay for the Sensel Morph
  • Provides an assignable UI compatible with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, and others
  • Contains critical controls for mouse mode selection, editing commands, project window selection, basic navigation controls, and more
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