SenselMorph + Buchla Thunder Overlay

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This listing is for a bundle of the Sensel Morph and Buchla Thunder overlay—if you're looking for the Thunder overlay alone, check here!

Sensel Morph + Buchla Thunder

This bundle pairs Sensel's Morph with their Buchla Thunder overlay, providing an updated approach to the iconic Thunder layout using Sensel's world-class touch sensor technology. Much in line with the original Buchla Thunder, the Morph + Thunder Overlay bundle provides users a reconfigurable, hyper-expressive MIDI control interface ideal for extended control of electronic instruments.

The Sensel Morph is a hyper-expressive multi-touch controller, providing 2000 high-quality touch sensors for an unmatched performance experience. Its behavior changes immediately to accommodate the attached silicone overlay—in this case, the Thunder overlay provides an ergonomic keyboard-like layout for extended MIDI control.

Known for his pioneering work in computer-human interaction and user interface design, Don Buchla left the world with countless inventions and musical curiosities, each even more well-considered than the last. Developed c. 1990 with the help of Keith McMillen, D.N. Lynx Crowe, and other "Buchla Associates," the Thunder was one of his most thoroughly peculiar and visually striking MIDI controller designs: an arbitrarily reconfigurable keyboard complete with ergonomically oriented touchplates, internal riff recording, and generative, rule-based MIDI effects. Developed directly in collaboration with Buchla USA, the Thunder Overlay brings the Thunder's comfortable and well-thought-out interface to the Morph platform. As such, the Thunder layout now enjoys even more niceties than ever before: an unprecedented opportunity for software interaction, full MPE capability, and a world full of musicians more ready for experimental techniques and new sounds than ever before.

Morph + Buchla Thunder Features

  • Bundle of the Sensel Morph and Buchla Thunder overlay
  • Thunder overlay developed directly in collaboration with Buchla USA
  • Excellent means of finding extended expressive control via the Sensel Morph
  • Includes Arturia's Analog Lab Lite and Bitwig's Studio 8-Track
  • Bundle of Sensel's Morph and Buchla Thunder overlay
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Product Demo Videos
Sensel Morph Customizable MPE Controller Demonstration
Peter Nyboer from Sensel came by our shop to demonstrate the Sensel Morph touch controller and its various overlays. He goes through many different uses for the Morph and discusses how the programming and customization of the controller works.
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