SenselMorph Multidimensional Touch Controller

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Sensel offers a variety of ways to get started with the Morph controller! Check out the Morph + Buchla Thunder Overlay Bundle, or add a qualifying overlay to your cart along with the Morph in order to receive $35 off your order—yes, that means you can receive one qualifying overlay for free!

Sensel Morph

Sensel's Morph uses world-class proprietary sensor technology to provide a MIDI controller with unmatched pressure sensitivity. Offering up to 16 points of precise position and pressure detection, the Morph's behavior changes based on which of its several overlays is connected, instantaneously switching from a piano-style keyboard, to a Buchla Thunder-inspired expressive controller, to a QWERTY keyboard and more.

The Morph makes full use of Sensel's exceptional pressure-sensing technology to create a hyper-sensitive touch surface with beyond adequate speed and resolution to support expressive artistic use. It supports standard MIDI and MPE protocols, making it possible to fully control the most advanced music software and hardware available. Users of any type of music environment can benefit from Morph; whether working with Bitwig, Ableton, Max, Kyma, or even hardware instruments with MIDI-USB hosting capability, the Morph provides an articulate playing experience that brings new life to even the most familiar tools. The Sensel App allows for powerful options for hardware configuration, making it possible for your Morph to do exactly what you want with your instruments.

Perhaps one of Morph's most obvious and powerful features is its ability to change behavior entirely based on which overlay the user selects. Simply place one of the many Morph overlays on the Morph's touch surface and it can transform in its entirety. While other similar platforms allow users to swap MIDI mappings and UI, Morph takes this concept a step further, supporting not only MIDI, but other common HID protocols that allow everything from video editing to typing, gaming, and more.

Let's talk about logistics. Morph is fewer than 8mm thick, and is capable of transmitting information via micro USB or Bluetooth. It packs approximately 20,000 pressure sensors into a 5.5 x 9.5" space, each with a pressure sensing range of 5g to 5kg—meaning that not only does the Morph have unprecedented X and Y position resolution, but outright remarkable pressure sensitivity as well.

Every synthesizer and software environment is a universe of sonic potential, but it all too often feels difficult to reach through the screen or through the panel into the sound's own inner workings. Sensel has provided an elegant solution with the Morph—a touch controller that breaks past the typical realm of knobs and sliders and into a world of multidimensional sonic interaction.

Morph Features

  • Polymorphous human-computer interface optimized for use in high-demands musical environments
  • Offers traditional MIDI and MPE support for communication with any music software
  • Can be connected to MIDI hardware with help of a MIDI USB Host such as the Kenton MIDI Host Mk2
  • Can be interfaced with CV hardware and modular synthesizers via MIDI Hosts and MIDI-CV converters, such as Expert Sleepers FH-2, Shuttle Control, or others
  • Changes behavior based on the attached silicone overlay
  • Current overlays include Buchla Thunder keyboard, a traditional piano layout, music production overlay, and more
  • Supports additional HID protocols, including a special gaming overlay and QWERTY keyboard
  • LED strip for instantaneous visual feedback
  • Includes USB cable and Bitwig Studio 8-track
  • Compatibility: OSX, iOS, Windows, Linux, Arduino
  • Latency: 2–8ms
  • Resolution: 6502 DPI
  • Connectivity: microUSB, Bluetooth LE, Serial
  • Power: USB and internal rechargeable battery
  • MIDI: Class compliant with MPE and MIDI via BLE
  • Dimensions: 240 x 169.5 x 6.75mm
  • Touch area: 230 x 130mm
  • Weight: 0.4kg
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