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Purchase the Drum Pad Overlay with the Sensel Morph and receive $35 off of your total order—that's right, buy the Morph itself and get the Drum Pad Overlay for free! Simply add both to your cart for the discount to apply.

Sensel Drum Pad Overlay

This Drum Pad overlay transforms the Sensel Morph into an expressive playing surface for percussionists, equally well-suited to playing by hand or with sticks or mallets. Unlike most MIDI drum controllers, Morph's superior sensitivity means that it works perfectly with any means of excitation: it responds to the lightest touch or to firm mallet strikes.

Sensel's Morph is a high-resolution multi-touch surface specially designed for expressive musical control. By swapping silicone overlays, the Morph's functionality seamlessly changes, switching from acting as a game controller to a piano keyboard and beyond. This overlay turns the Morph into an MPE-capable percussion controller, ideal for use with expressive physical modeling algorithms or traditional DAW software such as Logic Pro or Bitwig.

Drum Pad Overlay Features

  • Drum pad-style overlay for the Sensel Morph
  • Works with fingers, hands, sticks, and mallets—Morph can handle it all!
  • Provides MPE-compatible percussion surface for the Morph platform
  • Special controls for program selection, transport control, and other custom response controls
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Product Demo Videos
Sensel Morph Customizable MPE Controller Demonstration
Peter Nyboer from Sensel came by our shop to demonstrate the Sensel Morph touch controller and its various overlays. He goes through many different uses for the Morph and discusses how the programming and customization of the controller works.
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