Rucci ElectronicsMinimal Drone Desktop Synth


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Rucci Electronics Minimal Drone

The Minimal Drone is a straightforward noise box capable of thick drones from Rucci. Two audio oscillators make up the heart of the Minimal Drone, with frequency knobs available for both. The oscillators are fed through a non-resonant low pass filter and have global volume control. There is an optional LFO with rate control and switch to turn it on or off. A 3.5mm CV input is present on the back of the unit: this input takes the incoming CV signal and powers the Minimal Drone from it, resulting in power sag effects that alter in conjunction with the incoming CV.

Minimal Drone Features

  • Two-oscillator drone synth
  • Low pass filter
  • Optional LFO
  • CV input
  • Powered by 9v center-negative DC or 9v battery
  • 9v battery or 9V center-negative DC power (not included)
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