Rucci Electronics16-Step Sequencer


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Rucci Electronics 16-Step Sequencer

The 16-step sequencer from Rucci is a CV sequencer with a collection of different modes and behaviors. Sixteen sliders control the sequence stage levels, with a range of 0-5V. It has an internal clock with speed control, run/stop switch, and two sync outputs: one on every clock pulse and the other active only on step one. The internal clock can be overridden with an external 5V clock signal, and the steps can be manually advanced with the step button.

Where it gets really interesting is the slew of modes available which can be selected with the mode select knob. These include sequence lengths from two to sixteen steps, sixteen step pendulum, eight blocks of two steps repeated sixteen times, four blocks of four steps repeated four times, two blocks of eight steps repeated four times, hold three beats on steps one, five, nine, and thirteen, dual overlapping eight step sequence, two steps forward/one step back, and random step mode.

16-Step Sequencer Features

  • Sixteen-step sequencer
  • 0-5V range
  • Internal clock with two sync outputs
  • External sync input
  • Start/stop control
  • Manual step button
  • Mode selection including pendulum and random modes
  • Powered by 9V battery or 9V center-negative DC power supply
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  • 9V battery or 9V center-negative DC power supply (not included)
Product Demo Videos
Rucci Handmade 8-Bit Power Synth, Maximal Drone And 16 Step Sequencer
Rucci Electronics has an interesting take on compact pedal format synthesizers. They have both 8-Bit digital synths and rich drone synths with tons of oscillators and a filter. Their 16 step sequencer has multiple sequencer modes that can produce more complex results than most analog style sequencers.

The 8-Bit Power Synth has a built in keyboard as well as CV input. It can play back single notes or arpeggiated sequences the way retro video games did, and also has a drum loop mode. The Maximal Drone has six oscillators for creating incredibly thick drone sounds. The CV input on it sags the voltage to the circuit, changing the pitch as well as the sound of the synth.
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