RossumMorpheus Stereo Morphing Z-Plane Filter


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Rossum Morpheus

The Rossum Morpheus is a groundbreaking filter module based on the Z-Plane Filters first featured in the E-mu Morpheus. Morpheus allows you to morph between multiple complex filters much in the manner of a 3-dimensional wavetable. Not only does Morpheus allow you to create tremendously complex and musical timbre shaping: it allows you to do it in stereo.

By treating filter models as if they were the corners of an imaginary cube, Morpheus allows modulation of position within this 3-d space to determine its current state. With smooth interpolation between these models, Morpheus is one of the most flexible timbre-shaping tools available in Eurorack format.

Morpheus Features

  • Just under 200 potential 14-pole filter configurations
  • Manual and CV control of Frequency, Morphing, and Transformation (WORKS IN REAL TIME)
  • Non-volatile storage of custom filter configurations
  • Built-in sequencer for switching configurations from external clock
  • Gorgeous OLED display for programming and visual feedback
  • All parameters accessible within one button press—no menu-diving nightmares
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    Product Demo Videos
    Rossum Morpheus Z-Plane Filter Demo
    Demo of the Morpheus Z-Plane filter using various “cubes” and modulation.
    Rossum Morpheus Stereo Morphing Z-Plane Filter Reviews