RossumControl Forge Programmable Universal CV Generator


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Rossum Control Forge

Rossum Electro-Music is proud to introduce Control Forge, an eight-stage function generator that simplifies the creation of complex envelopes and both linear and nonlinear sequences that can extend hundreds of steps. Even better, Control Forge optimizes transition from one step to the next with 67 transition options, all of which are visually indicated on the screen.

Control Forge is the perfect option for those who want to add tasteful modulation to their sequences without the monotony of repeated phrases. Not only does the module make it easy to impart randomness into steps, it can also use logic calculations to decide which stage to progress to. Additionally, users can configure the module to quantize the output to 1/12 volt, enabling the creation of whole notes. This gets at another really useful feature: the ability for stages to pass an input voltage to the output rather than adhering to a set voltage.

If all that wasn’t enough, Control Forge can also behave as a traditional or complex sequencer. It outputs two triggers and can store hundreds of presets that can be manually or remotely stepped through.

Control Forge Features

  • 8-stage function generator with variable time and target voltage level for each stage
  • Each stage’s level can be defined either absolutely or relative to the ending level of the previous stage and can optionally be quantized to the nearest 1/12 volt
  • Customize the volume range for each stage in a linear distribution or Gaussian distribution
  • Time ratio can be controlled by CV or knob
  • 67 kinds of different stage Cohesion (you can select on-screen icon), from shaping a linear curve to random and chaotic, each Stage can be directly by CV output
  • Built-in "DC" shaping allows the module to be turned into a stepper. Step length can reach more than 100 steps and can be controlled in real time manually or by CV
  • Hundreds of presets can be saved and recalled
  • Two independent triggers can be programmed to fire in response to a variety of events and can be used to affect either Control Forge itself or external modules
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 22HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current Draw: 125mA@+12V, 25mA@-12V
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Rossum Control Forge Programmable Universal CV Generator Reviews