RolandSS-PC1 Laptop Stand w/ Tripod Base

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Roland SS-PC1

This sturdy stand provides a fantastic way to prop up your computer when you need it most. Ideal for on-stage performances, it brings your laptop up to the optimal height. The SS-PC1 also works in the studio, providing a mobile laptop stand that doesn't take up any desk space and can be moved around as needed.

SS-PC1 Features

  • Laptop stand
  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy surface is perfect for live performance or in-studio work
  • Tripod base
  • Platform dimensions: 21 x 12.75"/533 x 324mm
  • Height ranges from 600-950mm/23.6-37.4"
  • Width x Depth: 640 x 555mm/25.1 x 21.85"
Roland SS-PC1 Laptop Stand w/ Tripod Base Reviews