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Roland AIRA Compact E-4

Add depth and movement to your vocal performance with Roland's AIRA series E-4, a multi-effect box for processing vocals with unique syncing features and packed into a compact and easy-to-travel-with design. Pitch tracking and autotune is a breeze with the auto-pitch button, and E-4's pitch and formant shifting algorithms make it possible to create everything from chipmunk to eerie and disturbingly low vocal effects. The onboard harmonizing and vocoding brings forth spectral and chordal depth to your vocals that would otherwise need multiple backing instruments, and the onboard low-cut filter and noise gate helps the processing to not be muddied via external forces and rumble. E-4's 24-second looper makes it a cinch to grab and develop fully fledged tracks on stage while overdubbing, undoing, and more expand upon track development. Take your loops and incoming vocals to the next level with Roland's classic scatter effects for glitching out and stuttering your audio, and add a buttery layer of reverb, delay, or chorus to smooth out the final sound. With both USB and minijack functionality for passing audio and MIDI and 3.5 hour charge, the E-4 is the perfect device for on the go, in the studio, or rocking the stage.

AIRA Compact E-4 Features

  • Vocal performance device
  • Mic sensitivity control with peaking LED indicator
  • Pitch and format shifting with auto tune functionality
  • Harmony generation alongside vocoding with MIDI play functionality
  • Multiple scatter effects for glitching out the input signal
  • Low-cut filter and noise gate for taking out unwanted rumble and ambience
  • Hi-fi processing with reverb, delay, chorus, and echo
  • Onboard 24-second looper with transport, BPM detection, and basic editing functionality (overdub, clear, undo, redo)
  • MIDI I/O over USB or mini-TRS with class compliant audio over USB-C
  • Dimensions: Audio I/O: 2x TRS 3.5mm stereo, 1x TRS 1/4" balanced (mic input)
  • Power Specs: Analog sync I/O: 2x TS 3.5mm
  • MIDI I/O: 2x TRS 3.5mm (adapters not included), USB
  • USB connection: type-C (class compliant audio/MIDI)
  • Power: rechargeable lithium-ion battery (up to 3.5 hours of operation)
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