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MIT Press Curtis Roads - The Computer Music Tutorial

"The Computer Music Tutorial" is an all-encompassing opus by Curtis Roads that sets out to answer all the possible questions related to computer music. The books covers subjects like digital audio and signal processing, sound synthesis, MIDI, psychoacoustics, synthesizer architecture, complex musical systems, software, performance techniques, algorithmic composition, and much more. The value of the book not only lies in its sheer volume of information, but also in the way this information is presented—being suitable for both technical and non-technical readers. The text is also enriched with plenty of illustrations and references, paying a substantial amount of attention to the historical context of the field. If one ever has questions regarding music and sound in the digital domain, they will most likely find the answers in "The Computer Music Tutorial".

Curtis Roads - The Computer Music Tutorial Features

  • Author: Curtis Roads
  • 1234 pages
  • 7.9 x 2.1 x 10 inches
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