Retro Mechanical LabsElectron Fuzz Custom Mini (Black)


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Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom Mini

Electron Fuzz Custom Mini (Black) is a downsized version of the Retro Mechanical Labs’ flagship distortion pedal. The unique sonic character of EFC is largely attributed to the unconventional approach to tone shaping. Hurt parameter controls the level of the 3rd gain stage, effectively boosting the low-end of the audio signal when turned up. Pain is responsible for the gain of the 2nd transistor gain stage. Bringing this parameter up boosts high-end of the signal. Additionally there is a x1000 gain stomp button that, when activated, brings the distortion to a whole new level of extreme.

Unlike other model of EFC, the Mini version features standard clockwise knob direction.

Electron Fuzz Custom Mini Features

  • Classic high-gain RML distortion in compact format
  • Great for both guitars and synths
  • Unique approach to tone shaping with Hurt and Pain parameter
  • True Bypass
  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative (not Included)
  • Hand Build and Wired in Portland Oregon
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