RetroaktivSSH Complex Sample & Hold Waveform Generator

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Retroaktiv SSH

SSH is a complex random voltage generator and waveshaper also features an integrated S&H, LFO, and noise source. Together, these features allow for the creation of stepped random voltages, slewed waveforms, and moreā€”all from one module! The module's Step Out jack provides immediate access to its stepped S&H waveform, which can also be routed through the slew limiter and shaping circuit. The rate of the LFO can be controlled via CV, while the LFO itself is normalled to the S&H trigger input. Conversely, the S&H generator is normalled to a white noise source, which it utilizes to create stepped random voltages.

SSH Features

  • Sample & Hold normalized to white noise source
  • Integrated LFO
  • Separate outputs for slewed waveform
  • Symmetry control switch
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