Red PandaRaster Digital Delay Pitch Shifter


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Red Panda Raster

The Red Panda Raster is a pitch shifting pedal from beyond the moon. Complete with delay modulation, the Raster is capable of reverse delay, with pitchshifting that extends into psychoacoustic territory. These shifts can be performed in octaves, fifths, scaled intervals, and more. There’s also an expression pedal input that affords control over the phase shifting. 

Raster Features

  • Shift Amount (Phase Shift) Control
  • Expression Pedal Control of Shift Amount (Phase Shift)
  • Feedback Intensity Control
  • Delay Time Control
  • Blend Amount Control 100% Dry to 100% Wet
  • Feedback Mode Switch Control between Reverse Delay, Continuously Shifted Repeats, and Single Shift
  • Shift Mode Switch Control between Transposition by Semitones (+/- 12), Detune, and Phase Shift (Not Available with Reverse Delay)
  • 20-750ms Delay Time
  • Shift Footswitch and CV/Expression Input
  • Micro Pitch Shifting
  • Tuned Pitch Shifting +/- 12 Semitones
  • Phase Shifting
  • Reverse Delay
  • Analog Dry Signal
  • Burr-Brown Op Amps
  • 4.35" x 3.25" x 2.5" (111 x 83 x 64mm)
  • Designed and Manufactured in Detroit, USA
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