Rare WavesHydronium Semi-Modular Bass Voice (Black)


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Rare Waves Hydronium

The Hydronium is a semi-modular bass synthesizer voice in a single Eurorack module, perfect for squelchy acid bass lines. However, it is no one-trick-pony, containing a variety of tools and utilities for creating a wide range of sounds.

The Hydronium's VCO features the classic saw and pulse waveforms with adjustable pulse width. Pulse width can be adjusted manually or with an externally CV signal. The tune knob is a fine tune control and adjusts the pitch by +/- 2.5 semitones. The coarse tune, available as a trim control, has a three octave range. It's best to calibrate that and then make minor adjustments to the fine tune control.

The Hydronium features an integrated MIDI to CV converter with pitch, trigger, and velocity outputs. Use the MIDI to CV out to sequence another oscillator and then bring its audio into the mix input to mix with the Hydronium's VCO, stacking oscillators and making a thicker sound. The CV input and MIDI input can be used in tandem to offset and transpose incoming sequences. The filter is an OTA-based -12dB/oct state variable filter with CV control over frequency. The resonance goes into self oscillation. Sending a short trigger pulse into the audio input with high resonance creates a percussive sine wave hit, great for bass drum synthesis.

The decay envelope has two modes, triggered and gated. In triggered mode, a gate of any length will cause the envelope to immediately rise to the maximum level and then decay at a rate set by the decay knob and decay CV input. In gated mode, the envelope is held open as long as the incoming gate signal remains high, and then decays when the gate is released. The filter envelope knob sets the amount of envelope sent to the filter cutoff, varying the harmonic content in conjunction with the volume of the VCA. The envelope can be retriggered with MIDI notes over 100 velocity in triggered mode. The dynamics knob is a bipolar control that sets the level for the accented notes in your MIDI sequences. Notes with MIDI velocities from 101-127 engage the accent. Accented notes don't have to be louder though, because of the bipolar accent control, accents can be quieter than normal notes. Signals at the gate input will always be treated as accented notes, turning the dynamics knob into a secondary volume control. To control individual note levels, use an external CV signal into the velocity input jack.

The Glide control introduces sliding between notes, which is set by the glide knob and associated glide input jack which are summed together. In full glide mode, glide is applied to every note, in legato mode, only overlapping notes have glide applied to them. When using the MIDI sequencer, this happens when MIDI notes overlap each other. Glide is engaged when using a CV sequence when there is a change in voltage level during a single gate input. An FX loop is available after the filter but before the VCA. It's great for distortion, phasing, and overdrive effects. Because it comes before the VCA, it silences noisy effects and doesn't overwhelm your mix.

From acid to pure sonic mayhem, this bass voice has a great selection of features and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Hydronium Features

  • Bass voice
  • OTA-based filter
  • Integrated MIDI to CV converter
  • Decay envelope with two modes
  • Saw and pulse waveforms
  • FX send and return
  • Glide with two modes
  • Accent control for varying note velocities
  • External audio input
  • Glide, velocity, and decay CV inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 28hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V
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