Random SourceHaible Living VCOs


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Random Source Haible Living VCOs

There's something magical and life-like about the sound of vintage oscillators, and that's precisely what the Haible Living VCOs from Random Source aims to deliver. In designing a musical oscillator, there are occasionally compromises which are necessary to deliver exceptional pitch tracking across several octaves. The thick, pulsating tones of detuned analog basses does not always translate nicely to higher pitch ranges, and a main goal of the Living VCOs is to rectify that.

The module contains three VCOs along with a driver section to control the oscillators together. On each, you'll find outputs for the traditional waveforms—sine, triangle, pulse, and saw—plus the capabilities for PWM, 1V/Oct tracking, sync, and linear FM. But the driver section of the panel is where things get interesting, providing global control over the behavior of all three oscillators. Turn up the portamento for slimy basses and leads, or allow each VCO to individually deviate from the base tuning. Bring life to your Eurorack systme in the best way, with the Haible Living VCOs from Random Source.

Haible Living VCOs Features

  • Vintage-flavored triple VCO with modern design enhancements
  • Identical I/O across all three oscillators
  • Driver section with control across all three oscillators
  • Global tuning, portamento, mixer, VCA
  • Track switch on each oscillator bypasses global pitch control
  • PWM, Sync, FM per oscillator
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 42hp
  • Depth: <30mm
  • Current draw: 150m@ @ +12V, 125mA @ -12V
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