Rainger FXBleep Glitch Fuzz Pedal + Igor (Orange)


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Rainger FX Bleep Glitch Fuzz Pedal + Igor (Orange)

The Bleep from Rainger FX takes some of the best features of their legacy pedals, and when combined with the fuzz circuit from their Dr. Freakenstein pedal, unleashes a barrage of sonic destruction in an incredibly small form factor. An internal noise-gate responds to the dynamics of your playing, and in combination with the Overtone and Bleep controls adjusting frequency content and tendencies for instability and glitches, the sonic territory ranges from aggressive fuzz to pseudo-synth. For further shaping, there's an internal LFO for modulation of Overtone, and the included compact expression pedal named Igor allows for real-time control. Fans of unstable and destructive yet adventurous distortion will find the Bleep Glitch Fuzz an indispensable flavor of their sonic palette.

Bleep Features

  • Combination of Dwarf Series pedals with the Dr. Freakenstein fuzz circuit
  • Internal LFO modulates Overtone control
  • Internal noise-gate cuts down on unpleasant feedback and enhances responsiveness to dynamic playing
  • Included Igor Pressure Controller acts as a compact expression pedal for control of Bleep and Overtone parameters
  • Custom-designed mini pedal enclosure
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative PSU (Not included)
Rainger FX Bleep Glitch Fuzz Pedal + Igor (Orange) Reviews