Rainger FXAir Space Invader 2 Guitar Synth Pedal


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Rainger FX Air Space Invader 2 Guitar Synth Pedal

Rainger FX's Air Space Invader 2 is a pint-sized reimagining of their classic synth distortion filter device. While strictly speaking it is a combination of a filter and overdrive, the fuzzy, edgy tones that emanate from this weird little green box are starkly synth-like, with everything from Moog-style solo sounds to fuzzed out powerful basslines. The filter is switchable, allowing for everything from straight distortion to wonky, quacking filtered leads (scope out the high resonance mode for extra screech and quack). And of course, blendable integrated noise enables use as everything from a broken old synth emulator to straight up percussion sound generator: this well might be the most flexible pedal from Rainger's remarkably weird and powerful lineup.

Air Space Invader 2 Features

  • Guitar overdrive/filter perfect for pseudo-synth sounds and more
  • Swictchable filter with hi/lo resonance modes
  • Blending for white noise hiss
  • Custom mini-pedal enclosure
  • Distortion from light drive to grinding fuzz
  • True bypass switching
  • Custom Mini Enclosure
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative PSU (Not included)
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