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Radial EngineeringSpace Heater 8-Channel Summing Mixer + Tube Drive


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Radial Engineering Space Heater

Able to push your sound from clean and pristine to smushed and spitty, Radial Engineering's Space Heater is an eight-channel analog summer with loads of coloration and routing possibilities. Paired in twos, the Space Heater features tube-driven plate voltage processing with variable drive and output level per channel. The 12AX7 tubes' flavor per pair is dictated by the Heat factor, in which you are given one of three options to set the B+ voltage to 35, 70, or 140 volts—the lower the voltage, the more voltage-starved, spitty distortion you'll get. Each pair also features channel bypass, tube bypass, 40Hz gentle high pass filter, and a bus routing control that sends each channel set to the stereo sum mix and the headphone output.

Space Heater's channel inputs offer both individual 1/4" TRS balanced jacks as well as a DB-25 for easier cable management. For additional processing pre-summing, you can introduce line-level processing via the balanced 1/4" TRS send and return jacks per channel, and skipping summing for each processed channel can also be achieved via the DB-25 output to return back to your mixing console or audio interface. For adding tube warmth to your stems or final mix, be it subtle or crunchy, all channels can be summed down at the final stereo mix bus, and for doubling down on your summing, you can link multiple Space Heaters together over 1/4" TRS stereo cables. Add a unique and toasty flavor to your sounds and mixes with Radial Engineering's Space Heater.

Space Heater Features

  • Eight-channel summing mixer and tube drive
  • Great for everything from utility summing to characterful tonal coloration
  • Great for adding glue and coloration to in-the-box recordings
  • Panel controls organized as four stereo pairs
  • 12AX7 tube for each pair for everything from slight high-end enhancement to straight-up distortion
  • Dedicated level control and drive control for all eight input channels (via concentric control pots)
  • "Heat" control determines overall headroom before distortion for each stereo pair
  • Switchable HPF and tube drive per stereo channel pair
  • Bus switch for each channel pair allows summing to master stereo bus
  • Inputs via eight rear-panel TRS jacks or DB25 connector
  • 1/4" balanced inserts for all eight channels
  • Direct outputs for each channel via DB25
  • XLR stereo sum outputs with dedicated level control
  • Dedicated front-panel headphone output with level control
  • 1/4" TRS Link inputs for chaining units
  • Inputs: 8x 1/4", 1x DB-25 (8 channels)
  • Outputs: 2x XLR (sum), 1x DB-25 (8 channels), 1x 1/4" headphone
  • Inserts: 8 via 1/4" send/return
  • Rack height: 1U
  • Power: Power Supply Included
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