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Radial EngineeringJX44 V2 Guitar / Amp Signal Manager


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Radial Engineering JX44 V2

For guitar and bass players looking to utilize a variety of timbres and tones on stage, look no further than the JX44 V2 by Radial Engineering, a multi-channel switcher for moving between instruments, amplifiers, and effects loops. Featuring loads of I/O, the JX44 can handle not only routing four different instruments, but also can route each instrument to any combination of four amplifiers with a choice of one of two mono effects loops. Indication and selection of routings can be easily accessed on the front panel with options to even select ground lifts and polarity inversion per amplifier for cleaning up and getting the best signal live.

With loads of options to choose from that can change in an instance, JX44 has the capability to switch connections to either amps, guitars, or both remotely. Pair with Radial's proprietary JR-5 to make manual switches or even bank hop for preset routings, and if you'd rather work over MIDI for your changes, easily connect your MIDI controllers over the 5-pin DIN input with dip switch selectable midi channels. For extra support over long distances, the JX44 interfaces nicely with the SGI-44 with dedicated balanced I/O for keeping your pedalboards close to the performer. With extra interfacing such as a direct output, tuner output, and even EFX loop remote input, the JX44 V2 from Radial Engineering offers loads of routing to make your performance smooth no matter what instrument combo you switch to.

JX44 V2 Features

  • All-in-one signal routing manager for complex guitar performance rigs
  • Switch between four guitar inputs and four amp outputs—all in a single rack space
  • Front-panel buttons for input signal selection
  • Front-panel switches for signal output routing selection
  • Polarity inversion and ground lift switches for each output
  • Front-panel master mute button for quick/easy muting
  • Integrated stereo EFX loop
  • EFX loop assignment switches on each channel
  • SGI RX/TX connections for eliminating long cable runs
  • Assignable direct XLR output with dedicated ground lift switch
  • Optional remote footswitch control via Radial JR-5 (not included)
  • Dedicated tuner output
  • MIDI control available via rear-panel 5-pin DIN connection
  • Dimensions: 1U rackmount
  • Power Specs: Mains in via IEC
  • Inputs: 8x 1/4"
  • Outputs: 4x 1/4" amp outs, 1x XLR direct out
  • MIDI: in via 5-pin DIN
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