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Radial EngineeringHDI High-Definition Studio DI Direct Box


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Radial Engineering HDI

Add warmth and thickness to your instruments with Radial Engineering's HDI, a studio-quality direct input box with unique features to sculpt your sound for recording purposes. Not only can the HDI handle and pass through instrument level signals via the mirrored 1/4" TS jacks, but it can also handle Eurorack level signals via the 1/8" TS input on the rear of the unit, making it easier than ever to integrate modular synthesizers into the studio. The processing tools at your disposal include a three-way switched optical compressor that provides a buttery layer of compression to your sound, a distortion circuit that can be blended with the dry sound via the color dial, and a presence boost dial for lifting the high-mids and highs of your instrument.

The distortion unit can be further shaped via the three-way high pass filter shape control, while still keeping the unprocessed signal full with tone and frequency balance. HDI offers easy control over the input's impedance rating, input level, and even ground lifting for taking out any obnoxious and unwanted hum and noise from your sound. Not only does the HDI offer a traditional mic-level output, but an additional line-level output offers more flexibility for use in a studio, be it passing audio along to another piece of line-level processing gear or running straight into your interface or console. Along with a processed output for further use in a pedal chain or amplifier and a -15dB pad on the line output to keep from clipping other gear, the Radial Engineering HDI is a fantastic piece of instrument shaping tech for anyone looking to get the most polished recording out of your instrument.

HDI Features

  • High-definition active studio direct box
  • Dedicated 3.5mm modular synth level input (Eurorack enthusiasts take note!)
  • 1/4" line or Hi-Z operation
  • Color knob blends clean and distorted signal for maximum tonal flexibility
  • Integrated Opto compressor tames sudden transients
  • Switchable HPF keeps the low end at bay
  • Presence knob brings attention to mids and highs to help cut through the mix
  • VU meter for easy signal level monitoring
  • Oversized Jensen transformer for everything from clean tone to colorful saturation
  • Dedicated 1/4" thru connection
  • Mic and line level outputs
  • Includes hardware for mounting into a 19" equipment rack—taking up one half of a 19" rack space—perhaps you should get two!
  • Inputs: 2x 1/4", 1x 1/8"
  • Outputs: 2x XLR
  • Thru outputs: 2x 1/4"
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 8.25 x 8.25"
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Power: mains input via IEC (included)
Radial Engineering HDI High-Definition Studio DI Direct Box Reviews