Pulp LogicLunchbox Zissou LBZ54 Eurorack Case


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Pulp Logic Lunchbox Zissou LBZ54

NOTE: The 1U row in this case is only compatible with Pulp Logic 1U modules. Intellijel 1U modules are not compatible with this case.

The Pulp Logic Lunchbox Zissou LBZ54 is a compact 5U 54HP Eurorack case. The case features two 54HP 1U rows and one 54HP 3U row. The case is constructed from heat-resistant plastic. There’s also a removable lid for added protection and efficient portability. The included power supply runs off a 9V - 18V DC source, allowing the case to be used in tandem with a variety of wall warts. 

Lunchbox Zissou LBZ54 Features

  • 54hp Eurorack
  • 108hp 1U Tiles (2 Rows)
  • Case can be closed while patched
  • Shock-Mount Rack Frame
  • Includes 20 M2.5 sliding nuts per rail
  • Removable lid with sliding pull pins
  • This item is compatible with M2.5 threaded screws.
  • Dimensions: 34.25cm (13.5"") W x 29.25cm (11.5"") D x 15.25cm (6"") H
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) Unloaded
  • Clearance from top rails to bus board: 6cm (2.35”)
  • Clearance above rails: 5.5cm (2.15”)
  • Available Current: [email protected]+12V, [email protected], [email protected]+5V
  • 10 Shrouded 16-pin Eurorack connections
  • 14 Keyed 1U tile connections
  • Includes two extra 15cm splitter for adding 1U Tile connections
  • Includes 12V – 1.5A DC Power Adapter and US style IEC cord
Product Demo Videos
54HP Episode 1: The Mini Rave Workstation
This is episode 1 of our new video series featuring a different 54hp eurorack modular synthesizer every time. This 54hp case is "The Mini Rave Workstation" it features a tracker module that can sequence drums and melodies as well as play samples, 4 drum voices, a synthesizer voice and an effects module. With this powerful combination and the ability to store sequences and drum sounds you could play a whole live set with this case.

Let us know in the comments what type 54hp of case you would like us to make next.

Module List:

XOR Nerdseq: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/xor-electronics-nerdseq.html

Erica Synths Pico Drums: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/erica-synths-pico-drums.html

Tall Dog uBraids: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/tall-dog-electronics-ubraids-se.html

Erica Synths Pico DSP: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/erica-synths-pico-dsp.html

Erica Synths Pico A Mix: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/erica-synths-pico-a-mix.html

Case available here: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/pulp-logic-lunchbox-lbz54-p.html
54HP Episode 2: West Coast Music Weasel
In episode 2 of 54HP we bring you the “West Coast Music Weasel” which is inspired by west coast style synthesis and the Buchla Music Easel. This case features a complex LFO and S&H, four step sequencer and looping envelope for controlling the other modules, a voltage processor/ring modulator module and a 158 dual oscillator as well as a wave-folder and low pass gate. With this set of modules you can create anything from drones to sequences to generative patches that play themselves.

Let us know in the comments what type 54hp of case you want to see next.

Module List:

WMD SSF ModBox: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/wmd-ssf-modbox.html

XAOC Tirana II: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/xaoc-devices-tirana-ii.html

ALM Pip Slope: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/alm-busy-circuits-pip-slope.html

Befaco A*B+C: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/befaco-a-b-c.html

Catalyst Audio Model 158: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/befaco-a-b-c.html

Intellijel uFold II: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/intellijel-ufold-ii.html

Make Noise Optomix: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/make-noise-optomix-1.html

Erica Synths Pico DSP: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/erica-synths-pico-dsp.html

Case available here: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/pulp-logic-lunchbox-lbz54-p.html
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