Pro-JectVC-S2 Record Cleaning Machine

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Pro-Ject VC-S2

Pro-Ject's VC-S2 vinyl cleaning machine makes record maintenance easier than ever before. With extremely fast operation, waterproof clamp, and included vinyl brush and cleaning fluid, the VC-S2 will eliminate dust, grease, fat, and other impurities—all while guaranteeing that your record collection sounds as good as possible for as long as possible. Take care of your collection with Pro-Ject's VC-S2.

VC-S2 Features

  • Complete package for wet vinyl cleaning
  • Super fast operation
  • Exhausts cleaning liquid from record
  • Dries record completely within two rotations
  • Waterproof clamp for label protection
  • Brush and vinyl cleaning fluid included
  • Motor power: 800W
  • Air intake area: 320 square mm
  • Separator tank volume: Appx 1000 records
  • Suction power: Appx. 280W
  • Air flow: 45 liters/second
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