PresonusStudioLive 32SX Digital Mixer

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Presonus StudioLive 32SX

The Presonus StudioLive 32SX is a state-of-the-art console that provides stellar performance as a large-format mixer, audio interface, or DAW control surface. Whether you're looking for a new cornerstone for your venue or recording studio, the StudioLive will no doubt bring a substantial measure of convenience and class into your setup.

The StudioLive 32SX is a 32-channel digital mixer with digitally-controlled XMAX preamps, substantial internal DSP, and flexible signal routing opportunities. Channel settings are easy to set up and recall via the integrated touch screen interface; and your incoming audio will sound pristine through the combination of XMAX preamps and the integrated Fat Channel DSP, which emulates the behavior of classic studio EQs and compressors. Per-channel LCD scribble strips make it easy to customize your sessions, while integrated FLEX DSP effects processing helps to round out your signal chain with lush reverbs, delays, and more. 16 Flex Mixes allow for the creation of aux mixes, subgroups, and matrix mixes—meaning that this console's behavior can be configured to work in virtually any pro sound environment, from studios in need of many independent monitor mixes all the way to widespread, multi-zone venues running AVB networks.

And of course, there are plenty of ways that you can record with a StudioLive console. Using SD cards, you can execute multichannel recordings away from a computer—in fact, you can even do multichannel playback, great for executing virtual soundchecks. You can also record and play back up to 64 channels simultaneously over USB with a this board is perfect for even the largest of studio sessions. And AVB support brings with it a ton of implications: networked audio is made easy, but this feature also makes it possible to integrated Presonus's own AVB-equipped peripherals, such as their NSB stages boxes and Earmix 16M monitor mixers.

Whether you're expanding your home studio or looking for a new centerpiece for your concert venue, you'd do well to consider a Presonus StudioLive board.

StudioLive 32SX Features

  • 32-channel digital mixer
  • Integrated SD card recording
  • Record and play up to 64 channels via USB
  • Supports AVB for networked audio systems
  • Digitally-controlled XMAX preamps for stellar sound
  • 25 motorized faders
  • Fat channel processing emulates the behavior of vintage studio gear
  • Touchscreen and per-channel scribble strip displays
  • Scene management for easy access to complex workflows
  • Full-featured DAW controller with Mackie Control and HUI modes
  • Analog inputs: 16x XLR, 16x XLR-1/4" combo, 1x dual RCA, 4x 1/4" aux
  • Analog outputs: 2x XLR main, 1x XLR mono sum, 2x 1/4" monitor
  • Additional outputs: 12x XLR mix outs, 4x 1/4" mix outs, 1x Dual RCA tape output,4x 1/4" sub outputs
  • Headphones: 1x 1/4"
  • Digital outs: 1x XLR AES/EBU
  • Data I/O: 1x ethernet AVB, 1x RJ45
  • Computer connection: USB type B
  • Resolution: up to 48kHz, 24-bit
  • Dimensions: 6.51 x 22.97 x 25.98"
  • Power: mains in via IEC
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