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Praxis Electronics Snake Charmer Out

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Praxis Electronics Snake Charmer Out

The Snake Charmer Out, from Praxis Electronics, is an excellent means of interfacing one’s Eurorack modular synthesizer system with external recording and/or amplification equipment. It is capable of behaving as an output level attenuator, level meter, and 3.5mm to DB25 converter.

Each of the module’s channels features a level attenuator with embedded peak level LED, making it easy to tame signals before they are sent to external gear. There’s also a female pin header for connecting the module to external gear.

Snake Charmer Out Features

  • 8-channel 3.5mm to DB25 converter
  • Converts to +4dBU line level
  • 20Vpp headroom
  • Attenuators per channel with peak level indicators for taming your output signal levels
  • Includes ribbon to DB25 connector for attaching to rear of module
  • Optional front panel mount for DB25 connector available
  • Panel width: 12hp
  • Minimum current draw: 65mA @ +12V / 65mA @ -12V
  • Typical current draw, audio on all 8 channels: 125mA @ +12V / 92mA @ -12V
  • Maximum current draw: 180mA @ +12V / 92mA @ -12V
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