PolyendTracker (Bogdan Raczynski Edition)


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Polyend Tracker

Own a piece of IDM history with the Bogdan Raczynski Artist Edition Tracker from Polyend, a powerful desktop tracker and sampler workstation featuring a distinctive, custom banana panel designed by Bogdan himself. Inspired by a certain, legendary yellow fruit since childhood, Bogdan embodies playful discovery in his work, and his aesthetic is immediately apparent upon first glance. Included with the unit you'll also find a host of projects and samples created by Bogdan that you are free to remix, rewrite, and slice à la Fruit Ninja for your own creative pursuits. Learn from a legend with the Bogdan Raczynski Artist Edition Tracker, only available while supplies last.

What does the Polyend Tracker do? Inspired by software trackers like OpenMPT and Renoise, this unit is probably one of the most fully featured hardware trackers to hit the scene. Each project file hosts up to 48 "instruments", which can be created from samples, wavetables, the granular engine, or even external sources from the mic and line input jacks or the onboard FM radio. Slice up samples using the dedicated slicer function with either manual control over slice points, or an automatic slice function that maps the cuts to your sample's transients for rhythmically generated sample slicing.

Each project contains 255 banks of 128-step patterns, each of which contains 8 tracks. Each step in each track can be given its own instrument, pitch, and two "effects" broadly defined, such as volume and panning automation, filtering, and more, facilitating a dense, information-rich "spreadsheet"-style workflow. Thanks to Tracker's large full color display and intuitive interface—including 48 dedicated grid pads—you can quickly and easily edit, copy, and paste grooves with an immediacy that belies the instrument's complexity. Using Tracker's song mode, patterns can be arranged into full-on compositions, and with the perform mode you can edit patterns on the fly.

The Tracker from Polyend is certainly a powerful self-contained tool for intuitive pattern and song generation, but with its robust MIDI implementation and audio inputs, it's also a highly flexible, versatile node in your electronic music production workflow.

Tracker Features

  • Limited edition Bogdan Raczynski desktop sampler workstation with custom banana faceplate
  • Includes projects and samples composed by Raczynski
  • Exclusive artist-penned vinyl record (ships at a later date)
  • Eight-channel tracker/sampler workstation
  • 128-step patterns with up to 255 patterns per project
  • Instrument, note, and two effects parameters per step
  • Sample at 16-bit/44.1kHz from mic or line inputs, patterns, off of microSD card, or with on-board FM radio
  • Granular, wavetable synthesizer, and sample slicer functions
  • Sample playback modes: one shot, forward, backwards, or ping pong
  • Over 20 effects
  • 48 playable pads
  • Large clear screen
  • MIDI in and out
  • Solid construction with low profile for maximum portability
  • Inputs: mic and line on 3.5mm
  • Outputs: stereo 3.5mm (includes 3.5 to 6.3mm stereo splitter)
  • MIDI: in and out on 3.5mm (includes 5-DIN MIDI adapters)
  • 5V 1A USB powered over USB-C (includes wall adapter)
  • Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 1.5"/279 x 216 x 38mm
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