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PolyendPlay+ Groovebox + Synthesizer

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Polyend Play+

Taking a great instrument and making it even better, Polyend's Play+ adds stereo sample playback, four synthesis engines, multitrack audio over USB, and more to create the ultimate groovebox platform. Like the original, Play+ gives you 16 tracks to work with at a time, split into eight sample tracks and eight synthesis/MIDI tracks. And it's all unified with a stellar Polyend sequencer experience, effortlessly allowing you to build variation and performability into your music.

New to Play+ are four synthesis engines, giving you a wide variety of synth sounds to accompany your samples. Between the analog sounds of ACD, FAT, and VAP to the unabashedly digital character of WTFM, these offer a great way to get more out of what Play+ has to offer. Of course, if you still want to just sequence external gear, these tracks can be used for MIDI sequencing. Not only can you sequence notes, but CC automation can be programmed on a per-step basis.

Play+ maintains its powerful sample playback capabilities but ups the ante with the newfound support of stereo audio files. Now you can easily drop in immersive field recordings, remix patches from your modular synthesizers, or any other situation where stereo is warranted. Set samples to playback forwards, backwards, or apply chance and randomization, then tweak start and end times, volume, and more. And don't worry—you can also use the sequencer to modify all of this dynamically.

Play+ easily connects to the rest of your gear, whether it be with the 3.5mm MIDI I/O (adapters included, of course) or with the class-complaint USB-C connectivity. But new to this version, you can now capture your ideas with more ease and flexibility than ever before, as you're able to send 14 stereo audio tracks over USB to a connected computer. Bring your ideas to life with a sketchpad that can do it all, such as the Polyend Play+.

Play+ Features

  • Groovebox with Sample playback, synthesis, and MIDI sequencing
  • Eight internal audio tracks and eight polyphonic MIDI/synth tracks
  • 4 synth engines: ACD mmonosynth, FAT vintage analog, VAP Virtual Analog Polysynth, WTFM 2-operator FM with Wavetable oscillators
  • Stereo sample playback
  • 3000+ samples onboard for building tracks
  • Independent track lengths (up to 64 steps), speeds (BPM divisions), and swing values
  • Up to 128 patterns stored with 16 variations per track
  • 35 track play modes, including Chance, Action Combo, Randomizer, and Step Repeater
  • Smart fill for placing entire beats, random steps, or Euclidean spreads in any length of track you desire
  • Copy/Paste controls can apply easy and fast data transfer from as small as steps and tracks to as larges as track pages and variations
  • Scale filtering for pattern management and key centers
  • 160-pad sequencing and performance grid with 15 multi-purpose controls, 11 multi-purpose buttons, and one large encoder
  • Performance based effects for real-time, non-destructive processing as well as punch-in processing
  • Effects include tune, filter, overdrive, rearranger, reverb, and many more
  • Master effects for finishing your tracks (reverb, delay, sound enhancer, limiter, and saturator)
  • Customizable pattern chaining and live automation recording
  • 14 stereo audio tracks over USB
    • Output: 1x TRS 1/8" (1/8" to 1/4" stereo splitter cable included)
    • MIDI I/O: 2x TRS 3.5mm type-B (5-pin DIN adapters included)
    • Storage: micro-SD (16GB card included with USB type-A adapter)
    • USB connection: type-C (cable included)
    • Dimensions: 11" x 8.5" x 1.5"
    • Weight: 4 lbs
    • Power: 5V/1A bus-powered (USB-C)
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