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Playtime EngineeringBlipblox Synthesizer


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Playtime Engineering Blipblox

Playtime Engineering's Blipblox is a synthesizer designed for children—but its huge array of sounds and colorful user interface make it a blast to use regardless your age. Blipblox makes an excellent platform for sharing your passion for sound with your kids...and of course, you can use it in your own studio as well!

Blipblox provides a colorful and playful means of interacting with sound. A built-in sequencer allows you to shift your focus away from playing notes and toward shaping sounds—providing an avenue for children to engage with a type of focus and listening not easily accessible with most music-oriented toys. The colorful controls and absence of formal functional labels make the user interface seem like an invitation to simply play with sound and enjoy the way it unfolds: sometimes beautiful, sometimes noisy, and sometimes outright absurd.

Playtime Engineering seem to have intentionally designed the Blipblox to be just as fun for parents as it is for children. It offers direct MIDI support for both the synthesis engine and the internal drum machine, making it a fun and functional addition to any studio or live setup. Complete with multiple oscillators and modulation sources, lever-operated filter, and peculiar randomization options, the BlipBlox is a pleasant source of uncertainty and outright fun. Begin your child's fascination with sound, or simply rediscover the way you felt when you played your first synthesizer—BlipBlox is a toy for all of us.

Blipblox Features

  • Affordable synthesizer designed with play at its core
  • Great for children and adults alike
  • Colorful, non-technical labeling makes for a fun, intuitive, and play-based approach to interacting with sound
  • Control oscillators, filter, internal modulation, drum sounds, and more
  • Internal sequencer removes the focus from playing notes and shifts it toward playing with sound
  • Tons of LEDs for animated, engaging visual feedback
  • MIDI input provides direct control of synth engine and internal drum machine
  • Randomization functions built in
  • Perfect for use in the playroom or in the studio
  • Power: 5VDC center-positive PSU (USB power cable included)
  • Batteries: 3x AA (included)
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