PigtronixResotron Tracking Analog Filter

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Pigtronix Resotron

Pigtronix's Resotron is a fully analog filter based on the SSM2040 chip, that was a crucial element for the unique sound of the legendary Prophet-5 synthesizer. The pedal is comprised of a 24dB/octave state variable filter with the ability to self-oscillate, ramp up/down modulation envelopes, and a pitch-tracking system that moves the cutoff frequency around based on the incoming notes. Additionally, ‘glide’ parameter is implemented to set the slide time from one note to another for a smoother response. Altogether, Resotron is an excellent pedal choice for bringing back that ‘70s sound to the modern sonic palette.

Resotron Features

  • 24db/oct Filter based on the SSM2040 chip
  • Low Pass, Band Pass & High Pass Filter options
  • Velocity controlled UP & DOWN envelope modes
  • Pitch Following envelope function with variable GLIDE
  • BLEND control mixes in Philosopher’s Tone compression
  • Expression pedal / 0-5V CV input modulates CUTOFF
  • OSCILLATE mode for monophonic synth sounds
  • Sidechain TRIGGER input for external audio
  • Hardwired True Bypass Switching
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 18VDC PSU included
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