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Please note: this system now ships with Pamela's Pro Workout and a 2hp blank panel. PNW is discontinued and the prior expanders are not compatible with the new version.

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Perfect Circuit Red Means Recording System

The Red Means Recording System provides a fantastic drum and sample setup for creating all sorts of rhythmically influenced electronic music. This eponymous Eurorack system designed by electronic music performer and educational YouTuber Jeremy Blake offers tons of functionality to incorporate in the studio, performing live, or collaborating with others. Easily program complex, evolving rhythms and clocks from both 6equencer and Pamela's Pro Workout, offering eight trigger tracks and eight assignable clock/modulation outputs, respectively. Sequence simple melodic or bass patterns onboard with the versatile yet compact Vox Digitalis from Noise Engineering, or even pull more motivically complex information from other MIDI devices via the Intellijel MIDI 1U.

Sculpt dynamic and hard-hitting percussion with the QD, featuring four voices that can feature multiple synthesis engines for kicks, snares, toms, and hats or even samples via a microSD card. QD sends out a stereo pair of outputs, so you can internally pan each element for a wider image across your drums. Adding in an extra sample voice, the Morphagene provides tons of sample mangling via granular means and is a great means for resampling your other audio sources such as the QD to make funky and glitched out backing tracks. Processes any of your audio with a final kiss of DSP thanks to the Milky Way, providing stereo modulation and time-based effects including chorus, phaser, delay, reverb, and more.

Easily mix your signals all together via the Stereo Mixer 1U and convert it for line-level accepting outboard mixers or audio interfaces via the Line Out 1U module. This system especially works well with other drum machines, synths, and effects processors thanks to the MIDI in and out functionality for synchronization out from the Palette, MIDI 1U, and 6equencer. The Red Means Recording System is an absolute powerhouse for getting dancefloor ready performances that inspire amazing interplay with rhythm, sound design, and synchronicity.

Red Means Recording System Features

  • Intellijel 62hp Palette Case houses the system for desktop or live use
  • Tubbutec 6equencer for sequencing TR-606 style trigger patterns
  • Intellijel MIDI 1U for converting MIDI input into CV signals
  • Intellijel Stereo Mixer 1U for balancing up to two stereo signals
  • Intellijel Stereo Line Out 1U for outputing your modular signals to line level
  • ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's Pro Workout for producing clocks, LFOs, envelopes, sequences, and so much more
  • Noise Engineering Vox Digitalis for producing fast and easy to manage sequences
  • QD Quad Drum Voice as stereo, four voice drum module
  • Make Noise Morphagene as a stereo sampler and granular voice
  • Milky Way provides stereo effects processing
  • LMNTL 2hp blank panel
  • Palette Dimensions: 12.77" x 8.05" x 2.02"
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