Origin EffectsRevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Overdrive Pedal

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Origin RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Overdrive Pedal

RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod from Origin Effects is a pepped up version of the brand's highly revered RevivalDRIVE pedal. The goal behind creating this pedal was to bring back the classic tones of modded high-gain amplifiers of the yesteryears in a compact stompbox format. With meticulous attention to detail Origin has replicated every step of the original signal path, replacing valves with discrete transistors, and using only high-quality analog components throughout the circuit. The result is unbelievably realistic and powerful amp-like tones that surpass any expectations.

RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod features two channels of highly tweakable drive circuits—valve rectifier, and silicon rectifier—together capable of covering a wide range of vintage amp tones ranging from modded Marshall Plexi circa 1970s to early MESA/Boogie to supercharged Vox AC30. Moreover, the pedal is endowed with a special Ghost parameter that allows you to introduce various amounts of sag, and "ghost tones'', realistically emulating the characteristic sonic quality of inefficient amps of '50s and '60s. For ultimately tuned interaction with a wide selection of popular amplifiers, Origin implemented a comprehensive RE-AMP EQ section into the pedal. Overall, RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod is outfitted with a plethora of controls, allowing you not only to dial in sounds reminiscent of vintage amps, but to go way beyond that into new sonic territories.

RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Features

  • Faithful recreation of amp circuit behavior in a compact pedal format
  • Realistic amp-like tone and response
  • Two independently switchable channels: silicon and valve rectifiers
  • Flexible RE-AMP EQ allows for compatibility with different amps
  • Ghost control introduces sag and "ghost tones", emulating behavior of inefficient 50s and 60s amplifiers
  • Breadth of sound shaping controls to fit perfectly with nearly any amp or device
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative, 120mA, 2.1mm tip (not included)
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