Origin EffectsCali76 TX Studio-Grade FET Compressor Pedal

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Origin Cali76 TX Studio-Grade FET Compressor Pedal

Cali76 TX from Origin Effects is a studio-grade high-quality FET compressor inspired by the illustrious Urei 1176. Maintaining the topology of the original, Origin were able to condense the circuit to a highly compact stompbox format without sacrificing any of the compressor's sonic qualities. Moreover, the Cali76 TX is outfitted with a premium-quality 1960s style discrete preamplifier to optimize the guitar signal for further processing by the compressor. A simple, yet effective set of the controls allows for fast and precise reconfiguration of the settings to suit a wide variety of applications. Although initially designed to be an uncompromising performance tool for guitarists, its versatility also makes Cali76 TX a great studio tool for processing drums, vocals, and a plethora of other instruments.

Cali76 TX Features

  • Premium-quality FET compressor inspired by Urei 1176
  • Dedicated 1960s style discrete preamplifier
  • Controls over Ratio, Attack, Release, Input/Comp and Output
  • High/Low gain switch for transformer saturation
  • Amplifier output, an dedicated line/DI output
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative, 200mA, 2.1mm tip (not included)
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