Origin EffectsBassRIG '64 Black Panel Bass Preamp & DI Pedal


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Origin Effects BassRIG '64 Black Panel

Give your bass a little sauce with the BassRIG'64 from Origin Effects, a recreation of the classic Fender Bassman and Showman amps. Designed to serve as a DI with a little bit of vintage color, the BassRIG '64 also uses a proprietary Amp Out EQ on the 1/4" output. This gives you a few fine tune controls that only affect audio going through the 1/4" output, so your amp will sound great, but your XLR output is untouched. This is great for situations where you want the true tone of the pedal going to the house, but still want your on-stage tone to sound great going through the backline. Basic 3-band EQ controls let you dial in your tone and Output, Drive and Blend controls let you get a variety of overdriven sounds. A miniaturized recreation of a valve amp circuit, the BassRIG gives you two different flavors: BLK, a Fender black panel circuit with scooped out mids, and TWD, a tweed circuit with more gain, mids, and grit. Bring the power and tone of a vintage stack with you to your next gig or recording session without lugging around heavy equipment using the BassRIG '64 from Origin Effects.

BassRIG '64 Black Panel Features

  • Bass preamp and DI
  • Analogue Amp Recreation of Fender Bassman and Showman amps
  • Recreated valve amp circuit
  • Proprietary Amp Out EQ for 1/4" out
  • Selectable BLK and TWD circuit models
  • XLR output
  • Ground lift
  • Dimensions: 146x 92 x 64mm / 5.9 x 3.6 x 2.5in.
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative (PSU not included)
Origin Effects BassRIG '64 Black Panel Bass Preamp & DI Pedal Reviews