omiindustriies Dual Digital Shift Register

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omiindustriies Dual Digital Shift Register

The omiindustries Dual Digital Shift Register is a hybrid digital sample & hold, pseudorandom clock generator, and chaotic modulation tool all in a succinct 8hp. DDSR is a dual four-stage shift register with clock and data inputs and DAC-derived CV output.

DDSR's clock and data inputs work with either gates or continuous voltages, allowing creation of multichannel clock patterns from incoming LFOs, oscillators, random voltage sources, and more. The CV output produces a 4-bit signal (sixteen potential voltages) that can be used as a pseudo-random signal source, especially interesting for feedback patches a la Rob Hordijk's Rungler circuit, variations of which can be found in the infamous Benjolin and Blippoo Box: try patching two oscillators into the data and clock inputs and feeding the CV output back into the oscillators' pitch CV inputs for some wild chaotic action. Bonus points awarded for adding attenuators or VCAs for dynamic chaos control.

DDSR promises to bring wild and creative opportunities to any system's clocking and CV generation scheme.

Dual Digital Shift Register Features

  • Dual digital 4-stage shift register
  • Individual gate outputs for each stage / bit
  • DAC output provides 4-bit CV signal derived from current state of each bit's output
  • Data and clock inputs work with any signal that exceeds 0.5V: gate inputs not required
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  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: Skiff-friendly
  • Current draw: 80mA@+12V; 31mA@-12V
Product Demo Videos
Strange Science Modules With Omiindustriies Shift Register
This Video uses the Strange Science Instruments M4 mixer to combine all of the sounds and as VCAs, with their F1 stereo filter being used as two filters for two synth lines. The F1 is two transistor ladder filters with saturating inputs and stereo and dual mono operation modes. We also used the Omiindustriies Dual Digital Shift Register for some sequencing and triggering in this patch.
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