Olegtron4060 mk2 Experimental Signal Generator

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Olegtron 4060 mk2

Olegtron has implemented over a year's worth of feedback to create the 4060 mk2, a brand new version of their classic experimental signal generator. This singular oscillator and divider box specializes in the creation of unique signals and sequences. It can be oriented as a self-contained signal generator or complex modulation source. In the latter configuration, 4060 can send or receive CV, clock, and gate signals, making it a powerful nexus for one's modular synthesizer setup.

Using the 4060 is remarkably simple, but keep in mind that experimentation is the key. It ships with a formidable array of components, just add a 9V battery, 3.5mm compatible headphones, and get to work! Any perceived limitations are merely a figment of the imagination.

Additions include 4x 3.5mm TRS stereo connectors, a larger patchboard, reconfigurable patchboard elements, a 7-bit saw generator, powered input socket, power indicator LED, and a buffered virtual ground.

4060 mk2 Features

  • Can be used as standalone sound generator or complex modulation source
  • As modulation source: send clock, CV, and gate signals to and from external gear
  • Bipolar signal generator
  • Generates 10 bits of test signal (great for other DIY applications)
  • Accepts external audio signals for no-fi processing
  • Can be configured as a light sequencer
  • Frequency range preset functionality with internal capacitor
  • 3.5mm stereo connector
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Operates on a single standard 9V battery
  • Includes basic electronic components for experimentation and expansion
  • Components include color-coded resistors and small capacitors
  • Through-hole components
  • European Union CE-marking
  • RoHS compliant
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