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Novation Dicer Digital DJ Controller

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Novation Dicer

The Novation Dicer is a compact digital DJ controller with a control surface specifically designed to work with Serato Scratch and other DJ-oriented programs like Traktor Scratch and Traktor Scratch Pro. The controller enables users to cue and loop points and samples. Its front panel controls illuminate in different colors, each representing a different mode, that promote a straightforward and inherently intuitive performance. 

The Dicer was designed to mount into the 45-adapter slot of the Technics SL-1200 and SL-1210. There’s also a putty-based adhesive that allows the unit to be mounted to a variety of level surfaces. 

Dicer Features

  • 5 Backlit "dice" pads provide LED feedback from Serato Scratch Live, lighting up red, green or amber to show what mode they are in
  • Modes include: Hot Cues, Loop Roll, and Auto Loop
  • Dicer is fully integrated with the key cue point and looping features of Serato Scratch Live
  • The Dicer mounting adapter is easily removed with a small coin or screwdriver. This allows it to fit snugly into the 45 adapter hole of the Technics 1200 or be securely fastened to any flat surface using the Novation DJ putty provided
  • Micro USB 1.1 connector; the most robust and compact USB connection
  • Kensington lock space
  • Mini-Jack connector for connecting pairs
  • 5 large round multi-color back-lit trigger buttons
  • 3 small round multi-color back-lit function buttons
  • Fully integrated operation with Serato Scratch Live requires version 2.1 or higher
  • Outside of Serato Scratch Live, Dicer operates as a standard MIDI device. For some DJ software, setup files will be required and are available to download
  • Single unboxed unit (Dicer always comes as a pair):
  • 90mm/3.5"; H = 13mm/0.5"
  • 72g/0.16 lb.
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