NovationAFX Station Analog Monosynth

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Novation AFX Station

Redesigned in collaboration with Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, The Novation Bass Station II has been transformed into the AFX Station. It adds a redesigned look that is stunning and eye catching, plus a new sound pack.

The AFX Station is a digitally controlled analog monosynth, focused on bass tones, but capable of so much more. It features the ability to save and recall presets, a feature not found on many analog synthesizers. The analog signal path includes a pair of filters and dual oscillators with sub-oscillator. The oscillators feature the ability to sync to each other and detune. Add in the sub-oscillator to get massive bass sounds. The two filters include "classic" multi-mode filter with 12dB or 24dB slopes from the original Bass Station, and "Acid" 303-style diode ladder filter.

The keyboard is a 25-note keyboard with aftertouch to allow for expressive playing. In addition to the 25-note keyboard, an internal step sequencer and arpeggiator with 32 rhythmic patterns add another layer of playability to the AFX Station. Two envelopes and multi-waveform LFO make up the modulation section and provide animation to the bass sounds. The built-in analog distortion and filter overdrive can be used to add a little warmth or push it to the max for gritty aggressive sounds, depending on your needs.

AFX Mode, designed by Aphex Twin himself, turns the AFX Station into the perfect accompaniment to any sound designer looking for expressive and dynamic sounds. Every key becomes a new patch, allowing you to change between patches on the fly and create new sounds on every key press. Switch from a bass lead to a drum hit =to a gorgeous pad and play through them for massive flexibility. Best of all, AFX mode works in conjunction with the sequencer and arpeggiator, allowing access to a broad range of bizarre and spastic rhythmic evolutions.

AFX Station Features

  • Digitally controlled analog monosynth
  • Two filters, classic multi-mode and diode ladder
  • Tunable and syncable analog oscillators with sub-oscillator
  • Two LFOs with a selection of waveforms
  • ADSR envelopes
  • Save and recall patches
  • Step sequencer with rests and random mode
  • Arpeggiator with 32 patterns
  • MIDI I/O and USB connectivity
  • 25-note keyboard with aftertouch
  • AFX mode for glitchy sound design madness
  • Analog drive and distortion
  • Headphone and mono line out
  • External audio and sustain inputs
  • MIDI and USB Connectivity
  • Power: 9V DC power (included)
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 18 x 10.6"/63 x 457 x 269
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