Noise ReapAnomaly State Variable VCF

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Noise Reap Anomaly

Anomaly by Noise Reap is the state variable filter Eurorack module that your parents always warned you about. With "BAD" intentions, this module provides edgy and growly tones to any sound you process through it. With three individual outputs, Anomaly can do highpass, lowpass, and bandpass filtering simultaneously. The highpass and lowpass outs give you extra oomph and screeches with a light stage of excitation through a JFET clipper.

The real wild child, though, is the BAD output—short for Bonkers Asymmetric Distortion—an unconventional bandpass filter followed by a rough-and-tumble broken wavefolder. Based upon a circuit taken from their previous Asstone pedal, this deliberately broken wavefolder provides a generous helping of nasty vibes to your incoming signals. Resonance brings all of Anomaly's quirks to life, and although it won't self-oscillate, sending any trigger into the audio input will ping the filter, creating anything from percussive blips all the way to hard techno kicks. Anomaly is the analog grit and gnarl you've been looking for.

Anomaly Features

  • SVF with a "BAD" attitude
  • 100% analog
  • Lowpass and highpass out
  • JFET harmonic saturation
  • BAD (bonkers asymmetric distortion) bandpass output
  • Intentionally broken wavefolder
  • CV input for filter cutoff
  • 1V/Oct tracking
  • pingable resonance
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current draw: 12mA @ +12V, 12mA @ -12V
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