Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas Industrial Synth Voice

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Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas

Manis Iteritas is constructed from the same architecture as Basimilus Iteritas, albeit with some significant revisions that render it much more sinister. The primary reason for its infernal nature is due to its exclusive production of sawtooth waves, which can then be shaped and exploited via the module's reworked interface.

Sonically, Manis Iteritas is ideal for leads, basslines, percussion, and other aural abnormalities. Turning the module's Profundity knob clockwise imparts out-of-phase oscillators for a chorus-esque effect, while simultaneously modulating the sample rate effectively smears the perceived pitch.

Noise Engineering is a founding business partner of Savepangolins.org. A portion of the proceeds of every Manis Iteritas sold will be contributed to pangolin conservation!

Manis Iteritas Features

  • Dark, industrial synth voice
  • Based on the architecture of the Basimilus Iteritas
  • Perfect for leads, basslines, and outright sonic insanity
  • Integrated wavefolder via Smash parameter
  • Size: 10hp
  • Depth: 1.5 Inches
  • Draw +12V: 150 / 80
  • Draw -12: 5 / 5
  • Draw +5v: 0 / 90 (Optional)
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