Noise EngineeringLibrae Legio Stereo Dynamics Processor


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Noise Engineering Librae Legio

Tighten up your patch with Noise Engineering's Libre Legio, a stereo dynamics processor that is sure to gel your patch together in a transparent, pleasing manner. Use it as a compressor, limiter, noise gate, or gentle saturation that is sure to give your sounds a wonderful cohesion. Move effortlessly between tightly squishing your patch and gently hugging your sounds with the intuitive interface. As part of the Legio series, Libre can also use any of the other firmware available of a constantly expanding library similar to the Versio series. All software is open source and available in the libDaisy library. If you compose exclusively inside your rack or are looking to tighten up your sounds when playing with other instruments, the Libre Legio is a valuable tool for your rack.

Librae Legio Features

  • Stereo dynamics processor
  • Compatible with all Legio firmware
  • Works as a compressor, limiter, expander, noise gate, and distortion
  • Designed to be transparent but can be extreme
  • Perfect for end-of-chain processing before going into your DAW
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 140mA @ +12V, 22mA @ -12V
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