Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas

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Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas

The Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas is a complex wavetable oscillator that makes excellent use of three distinct algorithms. Each mode enables re-shaping of the output signal through three distinct synthesis methods. Fourier mode utilizes sine waves to generate complex waveshapes while Daubechies makes use of sophisticated wavelets. The third mode, Walsh, utilizes the Walsh Function to generate waveshapes. Each algorithm is orthogonal, allowing for effortless creation of harmonically-rich timbres that can be easily appropriated as both leads and basslines.

Cursus Iteritas Features

  • Wavetable Oscillator
  • Spectral-like controls
  • Three different frequency modes
  • Fourier
  • Daubechies
  • Walsh
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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 1.5 Inches
  • Current Draw: 150mA @+12V (80mA if 5v enabled); 5mA @ -12 mA; 0mA @ +5 mA (90mA if enabled)
Product Demo Videos
Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Sounds
Exploring the sound palette of Noise Engineering’s new Cursus Iteritas oscillator by controlling all of its parameters with the Malekko Voltage Block.

Cursus Iteritas is an oscillator that works from a dynamically generated wavetable. It gives the user spectral-like controls over three different modes based on different conceptualizations of frequency: Fourier, which uses sine waves; Daubechies, using wavelets, and Walsh mode, using the Walsh transform. Cursus Iteritas parametrizes a wide variety of sounds, but because the sounds are all based off of orthogonal functions, it has a musical tone structure and can produce an extremely wide variety of harmonic sounds.
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